Friday, July 29, 2011

back to reality

I've just come back from a relaxing and wonderfully, hot and sunny vacation. I went to Punta Cana with Alex and his family. It was my first time ever going to an all-inclusive and I love it. I love the sun, the beach, the pool, the free drinks. I love how you can sit by the pool/beach and just let yourself tan (not that I did much of that) and relief is a minute away. As it is with all vacations, I felt it was too short and I was not looking forward to coming back home and back to work. Especially since I'm sitting in a room that HAS air conditioning but my office partner is anal and doesn't want to turn the AC on because it's too noisy or something and she insists on opening the window instead. So instead of a nice cooling effect, I have a very sticky, damp and hot effect. If I were still on vacation, at least I could've had this by the beach or a pool in the Caribbean. But it's ok, I only have 2 and a half hours of this before I get to go home...via public transit which must be awful. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get an air conditioned bus, that was an amazing experience. I was so blown away by it.

Enough complaning, let's talk about my wonderful vacation. So, we arrived at around 7 PM and we were about an hour away from the resort. By the time we checked in, found our rooms and got settled in, it must've been about 9:30 PM? We wanted to find some food but we weren't familiar with the resort yet so we wondered around, found the pool, which was huge and great. We found the snack bar but they were closed and were preparing for the midnight snack or whatever it was. They said they would be ready in 8 minutues. Now, we didn't know this at the time, but apprently, in the Dominican Republic, they have no concept of time, so when they say 8 minutes, they mean, they'd like to be ready in 8 minutues but we'll most likely be ready in 2 hours. Which is what happened that time and every other time. So when the snack bar was open again, I was starving but to my disappointment, it was only hot dogs and burgers but I ate like a pig anyway.

I'M SO HOT! I'm sweating and my office partner isn't even here. I should just close the window and turn on the freggin' AC. I think I'll go do that. Her ears can kiss my sweaty ass. Yay, it's turned on!

Now, we spent most of our time on the beach and by the pool, which was awesome. I loved every second of it. But we also did an excursion together, which was snorkeling and we swam with sharks and stingrays. But where we went, it was an enclosed area and the sharks had no teeth and they took out the stingers out of the rays, the poor things. I've swam with wild stingrays that have still had their stingers and they're not aggressive animals, what happened to Steve Irwin was literally a one in a million accident. Anyway, we took some pictures with them and swam around the enclosure trying to touch them while they swam away from you. It was good fun. Then, the boys went on a Jeep safari excursion, while Alex's mom and I went to the spa. It was so quiet and relaxing without the guys. We got the aromatherapy package where they scrub you in exfoliante so that you're silky smooth when you wash it off and then they give you a massage with oils and all these different lotions, gels and creams. We left smelling, feeling and looking great. But unfortunately, we had to wash our hair so we washed some of it off while we were trying to wash only our hair.