Sunday, October 27, 2013

otakuthon goods 2013

Ok, it's been forever since I've done one of my real posts where I take pictures of my kawaii instead of just being lazy and screen capping all the newest kawaii goods. I went to Otakuthon, our local anime convention with my friend Suzy back in August. It was my first time attending last year and to be honest, I only went for the shopping. This year, I went exclusively for the shopping.

I didn't buy much as I had set a budget for myself. When I shopped uninhibited last year, I spent about $200 ⊙0⊙. It included the entrance fee of $30 but still, that's a ton of money. Worse part? I forgot about most of my purchases until I dug it up several months later.

I had set a budget of $100 and this is what I got for $75 (omg my budgeting and self-restraint skills worked for once).

Otakuthon Purchases

Thursday, October 17, 2013

rilakkumadesu giveaway

Ariel's Rilakkuma Giveaway!

Hey everyone, my good friend Ariel is being incredibly generous by giving away a bunch of Rilakukma goodies! Go and check it out.

But we all know, I don't actually want you to because it'll decrease my chances of winning. Good luck to all participants!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

zombbet goods

It's been a while and I apologize again for not updating \(-___________-;)/. CMA has started again and I just experienced working with my new team. It was...bad. One of our team members was pulled out two days before the assignment was due (he failed the rewrite and just got the results), another team member was getting married so he was MIA but did finish his part on time, another never showed up to the meetings or responded to emails and the last one would rather do her crossfit workouts than be readily available for any additional work.

I stupidly volunteered to put the assignment together and completed all the other parts of the report that no one did (which pretty comprised of 50% of the report). I asked them to help out but it would take them over a day to respond and I would have to wait for them to finish. But I'm going to make sure we're more organized and responsive for the next assignment because I'm not dealing with this crap for a whole year and because my passing is on the line as well (we pass or fail as a group for the final report).

Anyway, enough with the complaining, onwards with the (creepy) kawaii!

Zombbet wants you to buy their goodies or they'll eat you