Friday, February 06, 2015

tsum tsum collection

Happy very late New Year everyone! It's been extremely hectic on my end with the renovations and the move. Our new place needed tons of work and since Alex works full time, we were only able to work during the weekends. I did whatever I could during the week but a lot of it required some degree of handymanship (which I do not have at all) so I needed to wait for Alex to do it.

There was also tons of waiting (we painted and coughed like crazy. I seriously wouldn't recommend you to paint/sand/varnish etc during the winter. It's HORRIBLE, I haven't been breathing properly since) since we need to paint a million coats and they needed to dry etc. 

Good news is it's READY! Finally, Alex and I are hosting a dinner this Sunday with both our families (will be crowded but oh well) and I'll have a post about our new place soon!

But first, a post about my tsum tsum collection.

Tsum Tsum Collection