Tuesday, February 19, 2013

toromi and nyanpuku haul

I received this package from California about a month ago and it's about time I made a post about it.

I'm so happy that San-x is coming out with new characters! Although I love their older designs like Tarepanda, Homekoro and Nagomimakuri, I'm not crazy about their more recent popular ones. Obviously, I was thrilled with Sumikko Gurashi (how can you not be? Weird back stories and adorable designs) and I was even happier when they came out with a FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY!!

I had made a post about Toromi and Nyanpuku back in September. The goodies were finally available for sale at the beginning of January. I was debating about whether I should've also gotten a Nyanpuku plush or not and finally decided not to in order to save money. I regret it and now they're sold out o(╥﹏╥)o But I still got some awesome goodies!

Toromi & Nyanpuku Haul.

Adorable Toromi Large Memo. 

I honestly love love love Toromi! She's so adorable. Her back story is basically she's a lazy French bulldog puppy who loves to eat. She does everything so slowly except for eating! She's also clumsy and apparently, not very bright. But she's so cute so who cares! Just look at that face  (‘∀’●)♡.

Memo sheet example.

Toromi Letterset.

Normally, I don't buy lettersets because I don't write letters. I'm also one of those people who are reluctant to something because it's pretty, even if it's a waste of money to buy it and just have it sit there.  But I loved the Toromi line so much that I caved and bought this one. And you guessed right, I'm probably never going to use it. It's probably going to collect dust while I stare at it lovingly for the rest of its days.

Back View.

You can see all the different designs here. My favourite is the one where she's trying to steal some food.  Reminds me of Kami.

Toromi Pouch.

I also bought a makeup pouch featuring different poses of little Toromi. I have a similar pouch, in the exact same size except it's of the Rilakkuma Paris design and I think it's an amazing pouch. It's the perfect size to carry all your necessities. 

Pouch Tag.

Here's the tag that came with the pouch of Toromi lounging like a spoiled little puppy that she is. But I like the actual tag that's attached to the pouch even more. San-x clearly doesn't skip on the details, one reason why they're probably so expensive. 

Pouch Tag.

Obviously, my purchase wouldn't be complete with a plush. For those of you who don't know me, I have a serious plush addiction (followed by bag obsession). There were two different plush sizes available and I decided to get the smaller one since the bigger one looked REALLY big.

But I have to admit (although reluctantly) I'm a little disappointed with the Toromi plush. I didn't expect it to be so...flat. I thought it'd be sort of rounder and have a been more depth to it. It's still cute but pudgier dogs are always cuter. 

Toromi Plush.


Inside Tag.

The inside tag tells the story of Toromi (I'm assuming). I love how even San-x's tags are interesting. I usually don't cut off the tags but when I do, I usually keep them (although I don't know what for. I always use the excuse that it'll make a super cute scrapbooking decoration, even though I haven't scrapbooked in forever).

Sticker Sheets.

Toromi Sticker Details

Nyanpuku Sticker Details

Nyanpuku Large Memo.

I'm not entirely sure of Nyanpuku's story but I think he's a fortune god and brings good luck like the Maneki-nekos. From the looks of it, he's lazy and likes to eat. He's not even holding his paw up properly, it looks like a lazy wave.

Musical Nyanpuku.

My Nyanpuku purchases look dismal compared to all the Toromi goodies I bought but it wouldn't have looked so bad if I had decided to get the Nyanpuku plush too (。-_-。) Then again, I've always been more of a dog person. 

Who do you like better, Toromi or Nyanpuku?


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