Wednesday, April 08, 2015

weekend of big surprises (disney world trip!) pt 2

Continuing from my previous post, Alex and I just finished The Magic Kingdom and we were on our way to Hollywood Studios.

We took the Disney shuttle there and it was pretty packed because I think the bus was late or one of them didn't show up. Alex and I were standing in the front next to the bus driver. Thankfully, the ride wasn't too long so it wasn't bad. 

Picture with Sorcerer Mickey

I saw a flower statue of Sorcerer Mickey with his broomstick friends and I knew I had to take a picture with it. I love Fantasia and the Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of my favourite pieces. One of the drawbacks of Alex being so tall is that he's blocking Mickey's body >_<. We probably should've switched sides. 

Welcome to Hollywood Studios!

It had been a really long time since I've been to Hollywood Studios and it's amazing how memories can easily come pouring back when you see certain things no matter the length of time. Once I saw the sights, I remember them.

The theme park didn't have the giant Sorcerer's Hat though! I knew something was missing when we were walking around and it just felt weird but I couldn't put my finger on it. It was only after when I was trying to figure out which theme park had the Sorcerer's Hat that I realized they didn't have it at Hollywood Studios. I hope they don't plan on permanently removing it. 

Hollywood Chinese Theatre

I can't believe this ride is still there! I think it was called The Best Movie Ride or something like that. Alex never went on this ride before and it hasn't changed at all. I still remember going on this when I was really young and being scared shitless of the (spoiler alert for those of you who had never been on this ride) Alien hanging from the ceiling. It was still scary, I'm not going to lie. 

Mickey Rice Krispie

Alex and I decided to take a short break after since we had been walking around since 8 AM. We refuelled on this small but extremely sweet Mickey Mouse shaped Rice Krispie we bought at the Magic Kingdom. It had enough sugar for the both of us.

They did make a few changes to the park since I've last been here though. They didn't have a small section dedicated to Pixar that's for sure. We weren't able to get on the ride since all the Fast Passes were gone and the line was long but we went on the same ride while we were in Tokyo Sea almost 3 years ago.

The attention to detail to decorate the building is awesome. Who used to play with those monkeys? I know I did.

Cinderella's Coach

In one alleyway, they had parked Cinderella's Coach and you could line up and take pictures. Obviously, I didn't which is why there's a random girl in my photo of the coach, haha. 

Alex had made reservations at the 50's Café, I think it was called. We showed up half an hour early to see if they'd have a spot for us so we could go on Tower of Terror after. Sadly, they didn't and we just waited around a bit. We got that picture taken and I didn't even realize how nice the sky was.

The restaurant was really cute, it was decorated in the style of someone's kitchen from the 50's, with the wallpaper and they even had the old TVs that played clips from that period on a loop. The waiters and waitresses were all dressed in the uniforms of servers back then also! But the cherry on top was they even acted like they were from the 50s. Alex had his elbows on the table and the same waitress scolded him twice about it. We heard a waiter scolding a kid from another table for not eating his veggies. 
Fried Chicken

I ordered the fried chicken since we saw that almost everyone was ordering it. The plat was huge, it doesn't look that big in the picture but I wasn't able to finish it. I ate about half and Alex had the rest. 

Pork Chop

Alex ordered the pork chop and it was stuffed with cheese and something else, I can't remember. It was delicious. I liked his plate better than mine, even though the chicken was good. The pork chop was huge also though, it just looks tiny because it's hidden underneath the greens.

Unfortunately, by the time we finished our meal, the park was closed and we didn't have time to go on Tower of Terror :(. I am terrified of heights but I love going on that ride because I am honestly scared on that ride. It's thrilling.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney but it took us an hour to get there. None of the Disney Park shuttles go directly to DD. You have to catch another bus from any of the resorts and it'll bring you there. We just got on whichever bus to any of the resorts and then waited. 

Tsum Tsums!

Obviously because I was in Disney, I had to get some tsum tsums! I was shocked to find out that they don't sell Tsum Tsums in any of the theme parks! They told me they only sell them at the Disney Stores and not only that, they didn't sell it a the huge Disney store but the tiny one. I forgot the names but Alex and I went around DD for about half an hour looking for them (Alex wasn't pleased). 

When I finally found them, I was disappointed with their selection. The newest ones they had were from 101 Dalmatians and they didn't even have Cruella (not that I wanted to get her but just to give you an idea). They had a promotion where it was $15 for 3 (instead of $5.95 each). I ended up buying of the dalmatians, the alien and the horse from Toy Story.

The following day, we slept in a bit before going to Animal Kingdom. Alex had never been to this park before but I told him that we have to go to ride Everest, the roller coaster. 

After taking some photos, we headed straight to where Everest one. We had planned on getting a Fast Pass and walk around the park to pass the time but the board said the line was only 15 mins! We decided to wait in line and forget the FP.

The line was a bit longer than that but we didn't mind at least, it actually felt like it went by pretty quickly but I'm pretty sure the line was around 45 mins. I forgot how exciting Everest was! It went so fast and it had enough drops and swerves. Plus, the ride was long so it made the wait more worth it. Alex really enjoyed it and was glad that I insisted we stop by Animal Kingdom just to go on it.

Explorer Donald

We didn't spent too much time at AK but we did walk around most of the theme park and just went on a few rides here and there, looked at some animals. We came across Explorer Donald and there were only 4 people in line so we waited and I even got his autograph! My book is like over 10 years old, haha.

Final Theme Park

Our final park was Epcot. I've always loved this park because of all the different countries available and it was always interesting to stop by each one. Alex had never been to this one either so it was a day of new adventures for him.

The most delicious food you can eat at Disney

Before going on any of the rides, we stopped for lunch. I was thrilled to see a turkey leg stand and refused to have anything else (not that Alex didn't let me but I would've refused to eat anything else if he did, ahah). If you've never had a turkey leg at Disney, I highly highly recommend you do. First, it's HUGE so you can probably feed 3 people with it. Second, it's so juicy and tender, omg I'm wishing I could go back in time and eat it all over again.

I dream about this.

Look at those babies. They don't look that big in the picture but compare it to the vendor in the background. They actually have magnets of turkey legs and I was going to buy one but by the time I decided to get one, I couldn't find them anymore. 

After lunch, we toured all the different countries. But before we did that, we ran into Duffy! Alex saw him from a distance walking towards the character meet and there was no one in line so he told me to run and get a spot.

I didn't realize until I saw the photo but it's kind of cool how there's a poster of China behind me and one of Canada behind Alex (even though he's Portuguese but still, we're Canadians).


I was sad that they got rid of the troll ride in Norway! They've replaced it with some Frozen exhibit that explains the culture and customs of the country, which is nice but I would've preferred the ride. 

China, we've actually been to the real Sky Temple.


Germany was pretty fun, they had all these different beers for you to try. I lost Alex there and spent about 10 minutes looking for him. Apparently, I walked by him at least twice and he thought I was doing it on purpose.

Germany Square

Seven Dwarves Garden

There a small little garden/sitting area near Germany. We rested our tired and painful feet there for a bit. We didn't pack proper shoes...


The countries are placed in a circle surrounding an artificial lake and I thought the view of the big ball was really nice so I took this picture. That little building is a gift shop at the entrance to visit the countries.

Japan was always my favourite country to visit because they have this huge store that sold all sorts of Japanese goods. It was stocked with Pokémon, Studio Ghibli, Shinzi Katoh goods among many others. I didn't end up buying anything except for two soy sauce plates and a little dragon figurine. Most of the goods were extremely overpriced and there wasn't anything that I absolutely had to have.



I completely forgot they had a section for Morocco. I remembered this square when I saw it but there wasn't too much to see.


Alex and I watched a film on France here and I actually fell asleep for about 5 mins. I felt so drowsy and just dozed off.


England is new but there wasn't too much to see. They were mostly gift shops and there was a restaurant/pub.


But I did find it really funny that they had a Twinnings shop. I love Twinnings Earl Gray tea but I have a ton at home so I didn't get any more.

Our reservation was early at a French restaurant called Monsieur Paul (Mister Paul). It was (obviously) located in France so we walked back there. They sat us near a window because it was noted that we were celebrating an engagement which I thought was really nice. Our view looked right into the lake and it was perfect when the fireworks went off. It was like those Disney commercials, happy couple dinning while fireworks go off in the background, that was us :3.

@ Monsieur Paul

I can't really remember some of the things we ordered so bear with me if I write some really weird dish. 

Carrot Soup for me to start

Oxtail...broth thing with puff? It was amazing though

Escargots, they're all under that frothy...thing

Duck Confit for me

Filet Mignon for Alex

Chocolate Mousse with ice cream for me

Chocolate...cake(?) with ice cream for Alex

The food was amazing as well as the customer service. The restaurant was rather plain but classy. It was mostly just white everything with some simple chandeliers. The oxtail broth puff thing was soooo good. 

The duck and filet mignon were very tasty as well and they were super tender. But I preferred my duck over the beef.

While we were having our main course, the fireworks went off and we could see parts of the show. There was a pretty big tree blocking our view but it wasn't too bad. By the time we finished our meal, the park had been closed for about an hour and we slowly made our way back to the bus stop. We both had a wonderful trip and it was sad that it was already ending. Excuse the really lame wording I'm about to use but this trip had been magical. Not only did Alex plan this (without any suspicions from me at all) but he also picked the ring himself and proposed! He told me he would make up work excuses saying he had to stay late to deal with a client etc etc but he was really planning all this. He would also pretend that he had to help his parents with things back home but really go around looking for diamonds and rings.

Our flight the next morning wasn't until 1 PM so we got up and walked around the resort. There was the "main" building called CentreTown that had 3 different fast food places and one restaurant. That was also were all the souvenirs you bought and wanted to be sent to your resort was delivered. I had bought 2 Hollywood Studios Starbucks mugs and had them sent there. Alex and I also wanted to grab some breakfast.


Inside View

Mickey Pancakes!

I obviously chose the Mickey pancake! It was actually pretty good and the portions were huge. I wasn't able to finish all of it and even Alex couldn't finish all of his.

That's my wonderful, magical Disney trip. I still get a huge smile on my face whenever I look at the pictures of think about it. It really makes the proposal all the more special. I've been slacking on the wedding planning bit but I'll have to get back to really soon! Time is running out!