Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sephora Hello Kitty Apple Lip Balm Review

During my trip to Virginia Beach, my family and I passed by Lynnhaven mall and out of boredom, I went into Sephora. Now, I'm not a makeup type of girl mainly because I'm too lazy to spend time to put all that on me and I don't think that I look horrendous without makeup so everyone's happy. I only use makeup on special occasions and even then, I find it a lot of work. The only makeup I put on often is lip gloss or chapstick.

So I walked into Sephora and was immediately attracted to their Toki Doki booth, because they had some cute brushes and they were incredibly soft but like I said, I don't use makeup and I already have one lying around somewhere. On the other side of the Toki Doki line, was the Hello Kitty products. It's there that I found the Lip Balm. Now, I occasionally check the Sephora website out of the sheer boredom while at work and I've read reviews about this little lip balm. Apparently, it's good. Attracted by it's cuteness and the fact that I would actually use more than once every 6 months, I forked over the $9 (and some odd cents) and bought it.

Image taken from Sephora

Price: For $9 and the fact that it's not a brand name cosmetics company, it's expensive. I'm used to paying $30 for lip gloss for Chanel and Dior so I'm no cheapo but considering the small amount that you receive, 0.22 oz, I think it's rather pricey.

Packaging: The packaging on this product is really adorable. The gloss is enclosed in an adorable little pot and to reach it, you twist the handle at the top. There's also a cute picture of Hello Kitty on the middle of the container, letting everyone know that it's a HK product. On Sephora's website, it describes it as "A lip balm in an adorable apple-shaped pot." But to me, the container doesn't look anything like an apple but cute nonetheless.

Use: I find that the texture of the balm very thick and a little too creamy. But I do like the fact that it does moisturize my lips and it gets rid of that annoying itch your lips get when it's dry. I also like that the colour isn't too bold so when you apply it to your lips, it doesn't look like that of a clown. It adds a soft hint of colour to your lips too!The balm lasts a long time, almost a whole day for me and it isn't too waxy or glossy. What I don't like is that you have to dip your fingers into the jar and because it lasts long, it also lasts long on your fingers so you have to wipe it off on a napkin.

Overall, I'd rate this product a 4/5. Despite what you get, I still think it's too expensive, if I got it for $5, then I'd definitely give it a 5. But it's a really nice product and the balm actually works and isn't too bold with the colour.

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