Saturday, August 27, 2011

Virginia Beach is for lovers

I'm back from vacation (#2)! We went to Virginia Beach, which is somewhere that we go almost every year, although the last time we went was two years ago. Last year, we went to Florida.

That's the view from our hotel, we spend 4 days there and our days consisted of going to the beach, eating, and shopping. On our second last day, we went crabbing.

We caught lots of crabs, the most in a really long time. Everytime we pulled one of our nets up, there'd be at least a crab in it. And we would pull up our nets once every few minutes.

We also caught other things.

After our days in Virginia Beach, we packed up and headed to Williamsburg so that we can go to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA. Busch Gardens had a something called Illuminights which pretty means that they put lights everywhere so that the park would look really pretty after the sun went down.

The park is organized into different countries and it was voted as the world's most beautiful theme park.

In Germany, we bought a handmade German cuckoo clock. I don't think it's in this picture but it's so cute! We love it and the bird comes out every half hour. It cuckoos whatever the time is on the hour and once every half hour.

We took a break during the day and replenished ourselves in Germany. We ate in their huge and colourful dinning hall. It made me thing of Hogwarts because of how big and spacious it was and because of the long tables and benches.

At certain times during the day, staff members would come out in costume to dance and sing in German in the middle of the stage. It was cute but nothing special.

We sustained ourselves with desserts! The cupcake was almost the same price as the huge slice of Black Forest cake -_-

Now, while I was on vacation, I had acquired the following plushies!

I had my eye on the two rilakkumas for the longest time but didn't want to pay the same price for both of them for shipping so I waited until we went on vacation in the States. Korilakkuma is a birthday gift from my sister..back in April. The monkey, ugly doll and HK were gifts from my parents. My dad won the monkey for me at a crane game. The Japanese panda I bought at Busch Gardens because it's so DAMN CUTE! Look at those eyes!

Those little ones were in my mailbox when I got home from vacay. Now, I need to save up and stop spending money on kawaii things.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Yer a wizard, Harry"

3 days until my vacation to Virginia Beach! Yaaaay! I'm so excited. My family and I visit Virginia Beach pretty much every year (and if it's not Virginia, it's Florida) over the past 15 years. Nothing better than lying on the beach, getting a nice tan. Although I already have a pretty good one (for me anyway, since I never tan), I'm looking forever to keeping it and frolicking on the beach.

Since I will be the US, I decided to have a bunch of parcels shipped there, because shipping to Canada is so damn expensive. It's ridiculous. Anyway, one of the packages that I'll be shipping is........

-suspense music-


When I went to Universal Studios last year, I obviously went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was AMAZING! Like a HP fanboygirl's dream come true. The butterbeer was damn amazing and the ride in the Hogwarts castle was my favourite ride out of all the amusement parks that we went to.

I got distracted for and I'm going off in a tangent. So as I was saying, I visited those souvenir shops, cleverly named...I forgot, I saw the Hogwarts Crest Journal on display and I asked of the guys wizards who worked there and I asked him about it. He told me that it was sold out (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) and they didn't know when they would receive another shipment. Dejected and depressed, I bought the plainer, reject version.

Image taken from Life with a misspelled name.

To which I am now pouring out my heart and soul into (sound familiar).

BUT! Opportunity presented itself in the form of a vacation so when I searched for it on the Universal Studios online store, not only did I buy the Hogwarts Crest Journal, but I also bought these two:

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

So now, I won't run out of Harry Potter journals to pour my deepest darkest secrets into. At least for a long time.

Oh and before, I forgot, of course, here's the sought-after Hogwarts journal.

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

Aren't they beautiful?

I couldn't decid which one I wanted so I got all three. At least now, I have the whole collection and imagine how amazing it'll look on my library with the rest of my Harry Potter books.

Aaaaah, life is good.

But I still haven't seen HP part 2. Why won't anyone go watch it with me???

Wednesday, August 03, 2011