Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new arpakassos + selling some

It's been long overdue that I made a blog post but school has been keeping me extremely busy! All the projects are due at around the same time and all my teammates and I are scrambling to get it done. Plus, for one of my projects, my teammates are not the best people to work with. But I won't bore you with those details but let me summarize how working with that group is like with this gif.

I turn into super raging Saiyan Twilight Sparkle.

But in super kawaii news, I received a whole bunch of new arpakassos in the mail! Arpakassos make everything better, especially since one of them is my preordered Cotton Candy one! I ordered this back in February or something and it was freakin' expensive. It was about $45. It's cute but what was I thinking!? It was pretty annoying because the seller wouldn't allow preorders to be combined with any other offer and she gives free shipping with purchases over 6,000 yen. This alone was like 2000 yen or 2500 yen, I had ordered other stuff and it was exactly 6,000 yen but then she tells me that they're not allowed to be combined with other items, etc. So in the end, I had to pay a small fortune for this guy because she also charges really high shipping rates. I order a lot from Japan so I know approximately how much shipping rates are for certain items and she definitely does not charge actual cost rates. I also dropped my order for the other items because as much as I like arpakasso, there was no way that I was going to pay extravagant shipping fees twice.

Mint Green Cotton Candy Arpakasso Family!

Can't you tell that I love the green cotton candy one? It's my favourite of the whole collection. The two smaller ones were purchased from friends who were selling theirs. I'm probably going to have to end up selling of them. Did anyone notice Obi lurking in the background?

Tiny Baby Arpakassos

Here are all the tiny baby ones that I bought from a friend that had too many. They're so tiny and precious! My favourite one is the mint green one, obviously but I also really like the brown one with the longer ears. I've been wanting to get one like that for the longest time but they're hard to find.

Earmuffs Long-Eared Arpakasso

There's also this one that I had for a long time now but just never got around to taking a picture of it. I think this is one of my favourite ones since it's so cute! I like the longer ears and the blue earmuffs compliment the colour of the arpakasso well. I bought my sister a giant one similar to this but it's white with shorter ears and pink earmuffs instead. It's so big that I can ride it like a pony. The tag was ripped off because Obi managed to steal it once -_-

The whole gang, minus the earmuff one.

I'm also selling some of my arpakassos since I have too many. There's a picture of them below.

Arpakassos for Sale

If anyone is interested, just leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll get back to you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

newest rilakkuma items

After seeing Mary's latest post about the new Shower/Bathroom Rilakkuma series, I totally fell in love with the Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori plush. I just wish that I could get a bigger picture of it but I can't seem to find the catalog in a bigger format (or without some store's watermark on it).

Shower/Bathroom series!

I especially love kiiroitori, check out the towel head and his adorable wrap-around towel! Korila is super adorable as well. They're both on my wishlist. Rila is...meh, once again, forever alone. I won't add that forever alone meme face since last time, it looked like crap due to my crappy Photoshop skills.

Not only do I want the plush, I'd love the small pencil case and the smaller wallet as well! I really like the design of it, the colour is just great. Pastel is really in this season.

Finally, I think that tote is really cute, although I don't think I'd buy it. I can never really justify paying $30 for a canvas tote. But it's super cute nonetheless.

What's this? Could it be that I'm actually starting to LIKE Rilakkuma and friends?! I'd like to think otherwise but from what I can see lately, it seems that I'm starting to change my mind a bit....

Oh! And I got 86 on my Strategy and Competition quiz. Yay! I honestly thought I failed.

Monday, March 19, 2012

kawaii mail haul

Despite not acing my Strategy & Competition quiz this morning, it turned out to be an awesome day! I got home at 10:30 AM (which is unheard of since I normally finish class at 10 AM). Two packages of kawaii have arrived throughout the day while I was trying to finish my huge paper. So....obviously I took a break to rip open the parcels, take pictures, then make a blog post XD.

Kawaii Mail!

This first package was from Yumi, who is the sweetest and kindest seller ever. She's extremely nice and very quick to reply to her e-mails! I'll definitely be buying from her again. Thanks to Mary for recommending her :)

First Package From Japan.

I was actually surprised at how quickly it arrived, or maybe I just expected it to take forever. But I think she shipped it out a week and a half ago? I think time just passed by really quickly and I didn't even notice it so it seemed like it didn't take long. I don't know.

Kawaii Goodies From Yumi - usazukins, arpakassos, kiiroitoris!

She packaged everything really nicely and she even included a little letter and some freebies! Freebies are always a nice bonus :). Her note was really cute and it even had some of her drawings around it.

Ribbon Lace and Cotton Candy Arpakassos

Of course, I had to get some arpakassos!!! I especially love the two cotton candy ones, which are the mint green and purple one, both with their adorable bows. Unfornatuntely, the green one looks a little derpy but at least I got my hands on one! The pink is beautiful, with a lace necklace, very elegant and of course, who can resist the two ribbon ones?

Cute little bows on their backs.

Keychain and Mascot Bow Tie Kiiroitoris

Next are the two Bow Tie Kiiroitoris. Aren't they precious? They're super soft too! I realize how silly it is to get two of the same plush but look at them! I've also decided to sell one of them but I can't decide which one! The smaller one is rounder but the bigger one is more cuddly! What's funny is that the larger one is actually a keychain, how weird! Which one should I keep?!

Various Kiiroitoris All Standing in a Row, by size.

Look at them, standing next to each other in increasing height. Doesn't it just make you want to die from cuteness? Except don't, because I can't afford to be sued right now, or ever. There's the fuzzy keychain, the fan yielding Kiiroitoi, devil Kiiroitori and victorious ice cream Kiiroitori! Hard to decide which one's my favourite though, since they're all so round, pudgy and cute! Make me want to squeeeeeeze them.

Little Devil Tail

Two Adorable Usazukins, one teddy and one rabbit.

I didn't expect the rabbit usazukin to be as soft as it is, I don't know what's up with me, if I have low expectations for kawaii plushies or what, but I'm always so impressed with how soft plushies can be! I notice that I'm always rambling on about the softness of it. I like soft things :D. Anyway, the rabbit is super cute, the button attached to it even says, "I <3 Usazukin!" and how they not love themselves when they look as cute as that? The bear is adorable too but not nearly as soft as the rabbit. I have a larger version of it :)

The tags are too cute! Doesn't the chick remind you of Kiiroitori?

My First Kireizukin Seikatu Plush

I actually really like this character, Kireizukin Seikatu. I don't think he (or is it she?) is really popular but I find it really endearing. I mean, it's always doing housework! I need to find myself a raccoon like that. This is my first plush of this character and it doesn't look like it in the picture, but it's actually pretty big. What I like even more about this is the fact that it's holding a macaroon! I guess everyone needs a little coffee break from cleaning :)

I seriously have an obsession with tails but just look at it!

Monster Hunter (?) Piggy!

Last but not least is the freebie! I think this adorable pig is from Monster Hunter but I can't be entirely sure. But who cares, it's cute and IT'S WEARING SHORTS!!! Or boxers? Same thing, in essence.

I have to get back to my paper now, I'm almost done but it's the fine details that I have to finish, which are always the most tedious parts. Oh, and I 'm feeling much better now, although still not 100%. I'm hoping that I'll be fully recovered by tomorrow!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy st. partick's day!

Of course, this wouldn't be the same without me posting one of my kawaii to go along with this post. From the top of my head, I don't have any green kawaii plush except for my giant platypus plush so he'll be the one wishing everyone a Happy St. Patty's Day.


Pusheen surfing Platy.

To be honest, I didn't know it was today, I thought it was going to be tomorrow because our annual St. Patty's Day parade is tomorrow. Some of my girlfriends invited me to watch it with them tomorrow and as much as I really want to, I can't because I have so much work that needs to be done for Monday and Tuesday, I can't afford to take the better half of the afternoon off.

I also didn't feel well at all earlier today. I went to my CMA coaching seminar and only stayed for an hour. I kept alternating between getting hold and cold and I felt extremely drowsy and feverish. I got home, took some medicine and slept for the better part of the day.

I woke up feeling much better and was even able to snag a few super adorable kawaii items from a shop that I had been waiting forever to start selling its new items! I was so happy that I was able to get them, especially since I've waited so long for them and they were so hard to find at a decent price.

Doughnut Mamegomas! Aren't they so cute?

My absolute priority were the mamegoma doughnut plushes. I've wanted those since they came out last June but haven't seen them for sale anywhere. I was able to get the white and the pink ones, which were my two first choices! The ones I got are the plush and not the straps. This is a combined picture of the plush and straps that I made for my flickr wishlist.

Rilakkuma Sweets Collection

I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently fallen in love with Kiiroitori so it's not surprising that I bought the Sweets Kiiroitori plush. My sister bought the Korilakkuma one. I guess Rilakkuma is forever alone.

I love the Rilakkuma Sweets collection so I had purchased some large memo pads from another seller last week and some folders. I couldn't find a picture of them online though so you'll just have to wait until I get them :)

I'm not feeling very well again so I'm going to go get some rest and hopefully, some work done for school. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

fashion crisis

I'm having a bit of a fashion crisis at the moment because....the prime minister is coming to our office tomorrow! So like everyone other female in the office, I'm having a huge crisis becasuse I'm wondering...

Just what does one wear when the prime minister graces your dingy office with his presence? Not that I'm a fan of him, but that's another story. You still have to look your best.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Being me, I've been researching online to see what I could wear. I want to wear something professional but fashionable at the same time, not just a boring suit (especially since I only have one suit that I wear to all business events and I don't even like that suit anymore).

If only I had a closet like this...dog included.

I recently bought a BCBG skirt that I'm absolutely in love with and I'm planning on wearing that. But now, the problem is, what should I wear with it? Should I wear my suit jacket on top? Will it even match?

BCBG Silvie Power Skirt I'm wearing tomorrow.

I can't think of any top that I could wear with it that make me feel good but maybe my mom had something amongst all her designer clothes that'll match. But I'm going to pop into BCBG during my lunch break with my friends (we're all having the same crisis, we don't know what to wear,) not that I can really afford anything at the moment but you never know, maybe something nice will be on sale.

Time for lunch and some speed shopping. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

packages of happiness and obi's quest to steal some kawaii

First, I want to thank all my kind friends who cheered me up since my last post! Thank you for making me feel better and I've realized that I was being a little baby for nothing. It's just a temporary blimp and everything will work out in the long run.

Thank you everyone!

As promised, this post is going to be about all the kawaiiness that I received in the mail last Friday! It was amazing to get home from a busy week, after attending so many group meetings and stressing over finishing my assignments to find these packages of happiness waiting for me!

Bag of goodies. What's inside!?

I didn't take a picture of the original packages since I was too excited to start ripping them open to get to the goodies. Instead, I just shoved them all into the original bag that some of them came in from one of the packages.

Glimpse of my kawaii goodies.

Dragon Kapibarasan plushies!!!

Here are the adorable Year of the Dragon Kapibarasan plushies. I was really happy to be able to find them! Being born the year of the dragon (and a huge fan of Kapibarasan), I obviously knew I had to get my hands of them when I found out that they were coming out with dragon-themed plushies. The keychains were bigger than that I thought and soo adorable! I can't tell which one is my favourite because they're all too cute in their own way (except the chick...).

Dragon Kapibarasan plush.

The keychain plushes.

Before I continue any further, I have to tell you about Obi. He's such a funny dog, whenever I take pictures of my kawaii, he's always following me and watching me. He always want to snatch one of my plushies in hopes that I don't notice but I've learnt my lesson so I keep an eye on him. I also think it's because he loves getting his picture taken so whenever he seems me holding a camera, he runs up to me. From the moment we brought him home, he was never camera shy!

Today was no different, he was following me and eyeing my plush. I thought it was so funny and cute, that I took snapshots of him trying to steal my plush but because he's a good dog, he resists, which leads to him either staring at the plush or nudging it.

Exhibit A. Why can't I have one?

Adorable Usadaruma cellphone cleaning plush.

Look at these adorable little bunnies! I didn't know they existed until a month ago when I saw a friend post pictures of them. When I found out that they were called, "Usadarumas," I obsessively searched for them (in the only way that I knew how, googling like crazy). I found a few from a seller in Bangkok but she was selling it for way too much. Even then, I almost bought them. But luckily, my seller from Japan was able to find some for me at a reasonable price.

My favourite is the pink one all the way to the right.

Little Usadarumas.

Exhibit B. Just let me take one!

My seller was also able to find me a big Usadaruma plush! I was really happy with this one because I didn't expect it to be wearing an adorable little furry hat! It makes it more special than the regular plain ones, although I would like to get a plain one too one day.

Usadaruma is ready for the winter...even though it's practically over.

Exhibit C. What about this one?

Pancake Tuxedo Sam Plush.

This adorable Tuxedo Sam was first seen at the Sanrio.com website (I browse it when I'm bored. It's no wonder I'm having a hard time saving money). Although I'm not a huge fan of sanrio, there are some adorable plush there occasionally. My favourite characters from Sanrio are Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom Purin and Tuxedo Sam. It's not surprising that I really wanted this when I saw it. Although the price of the plush itself was reasonable, once you factored in shipping, it definitely wasn't. But because I'm persistent, I was able to get this little cutie for a reasonable price (I asked one of my flickr friends if she could find it for me and then ship it to me). If only I was as hardworking in my studies as my kawaii quests.

Butt View with his cute little tail (I have a thing for stubby tails).

Exhibit D. Maybe this one...

Pink baby usawan.

My last plush is a smaller pink usawan plush. It's really soft and the material is similar to a really soft towel but a lot of lint and stuff get stuck to it really easily. I have a larger black one and it was really annoying since I had to pick off the fluff off it all the time.

With my older and bigger black Usawan.

Exhibit E. But they're so fluffy....

In the end, Obi decided to steal everyone's slippers instead.