Friday, October 28, 2011

procrasinating post

My midterms are over and there's only one thing preventing from feeling totally free, my stupid, long, tedious, and nearly impossible International Business project!!! I honestly hate this paper, and the fact that it's all I've been thinking about since my last midterm last Thursday, ANNOYS ME! Our project is to pick a company that basically open it in another country. Doesn't sound too hard, right? WRONG! We have to make the project as real as possible, or as my professor as countless times, "I want to read it and think, 'Oh yeah, let's do this tomorrow.' " Except, how the hell do we find information on how a country treats foreign investment? How are we supposed to find out what the tax rate for foreign companies is? This doesn't help that the majority of my teammates don't seem to be really into the project. On a brighter note, I was a contest winner for some adorable paper gnomes! I've never won anything in my life before! I haven't had any time to print them out and make them yet but this is what it's going to look like.

Image taken from Cutesypoo Toys.Adorable gnomies! Thank you Jocelyn!

And you should totally check her website because she makes super adorable handmade plushes, including the little gnomies themselves!

She even made a special Halloween gnome! Evil yet cute! They're available at her etsy

Image taken from Cutesypoo Toys
And in even brighter news, my arpakassos finally arrived! I was just complaining about it taking forever to my sister on Tuesday and within 15 minutes of me getting home, the doorbell ran! I practically ran to the door and signed the paper and got them! I took some pictures but will be taking more when I'm not so busy.

LOVE THEM AND BE JEALOUS! I've ordered more and I can't wait to get them!

I better get back to writing this awful paper. Happy Friday everyone! And here's a funny picture to make you smile (or not).

Friday, October 14, 2011

only thing better than muffins are free muffins

I had a client consultation today at work so instead of heading straight to the office, stay for 10 minutes and then go back out again, I went straight to where I was supposed to meet my client. This unfortunately, resulted in me waiting for the bus in the rain for about half an hour. But at least I had my awesome umbrella. It's says, "Merde, il pleut" on the side. ISN'T THAT GENIUS!? It means, "Shit, it's raining" in French.

Mine's blue but not the same shade, it's more navy.

I love seeing people smile or laugh whenever they see my umbrella, at least it makes people smile even though it's crap outside. Not many umbrellas can do that. It's also super sturdy which is perfect since I've had more than my fair share of umbrellas turning inside out the moment a bit of wind comes creeping. Although this brelly was expensive, I see it more as an investment since I've had it for a few months now and it hasn't even threatened to turn inside out. Yay! Anyway, so after the consultation, I went back to the office and 'lo and behold, I spot a box of Tim Hortons muffins! Now, for those of you who don't live in Canada, Tim Hortons is like the (cheap) Starbucks of Canada. There's on a literally every corner. At my campus, there's at least 4 within a 5 minute walk from the business building, which is central of the campus. It's incredibly cheap and delicious. A large coffee is about...$2? I don't honestly know because I don't drink Tim Hortons coffee. What I do know is that a chocolate chip muffin is $1.25 tax in (and we have a 13.5% tax rate). IS THAT NOT CHEAP!? And a bagel with cream cheese is about the same price. So, this box of delicious muffins was opened and there it displayed all it's delicious carby goodness. There was one more chocolate chip left and I naturally nabbed it. I actually nabbed it for Alex and I'm going to try and nab another one. There was one that was covered in fruits and it looked so good. I think it's called fruit explosion or something.

Chocolately goodness beckons you

Fruity goodness beckons you also

I wonder if the fruit explosion muffin is still there. Hopefully, it is. But I feel like such a mooch since I'm going to be grabbing two muffins. I'll check after lunch and if it's still there, I consider free game because it's been there for so long. When I came back from my consultation, I was surprised that there were so many left since work had started about 2 and a half hours ago. I remember last time, there were Tim Hortons wraps left over from a conference the day before and they were all gone within half an hour. Someone even took mine! I had put it on top of my lunch container and someone took it! Vultures.

That's how I look like when people steal my dibsed free food. Except not as furry.

But I guess when it comes to free food, all's fair in food and war. On a totally unrelated note. Why is the font to my blog so close together? Does anyone know how to fix this??
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

halloween kawaii overload

I trotted back home today after writing my International Business midterm (it went ok, could've been better. A lot of bullshitting on my part actually) and to my utter squeetastic delight, I found a HUGE package waiting for me.

I've been waiting for this package for 3 weeks and it's finally arrived!!! Here are the contents.

Three tiny usazukin keychain plushes.

Large usazukin plushes with an adorable baby pumpkin.

Display of all the usazukins that I purchased. They're my first usazukins!

Halloween Kapibarasan set, all frolicking around the tiny pumpkin patch.

Adorable (but tiny, I expected it to be way bigger) Kapibarasan tote with two fruit kapibarasan keychain plushes.

Devil usazukin with devil HK, guarding dem kit kats.
Be jealous. Baby pumpkins were not part of the my super duper kawaii package, they were gifts from Alex's mom.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

In memorium: Steve Jobs

I know I just posted earlier today but I feel that this is important. Not only because he was an amazing innovator and raised Apple from the ashes, but he helped me learn to use my first computer and he made me proud to be a Mac (cheesy, I know).

RIP Steve Jobs, knowing that you created something out of practically nothing and not only that, but rose it to the top.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It's been a while since blogged and I kind of have an excuse for that....I started school. And my blog was apparently distributing viruses so I had to fix that conundrum and it turns out that one of my links, the kawaii exchange one, WAS THE CULPRIT! So I removed the link and it's all rainbows and sunshine now.

So school, yes, I started a new semester, the beginning of my last year! I'm graduate next year, can't wait/am apprehensive. I honestly don't know what to expect, am I a big girl after? Who knows.

Anyway, I want to vent my frustrations about something before moving on to my latest obsessions and woes.

I was in a rush to get to one of my classes last week and I was a tiny bit late. It wasn't because I missed the metro or anything like that, nope. It was because, I was waiting for the elevators to get onto the 5th floor, from the second basement floor, which means going up 7 floors, BUT THE ELEVATOR STOPPED AT EVERY SINGLE FLOOR. WHY YOU MAY ASK? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SO DAMN LAZY, THAT THEY'RE WILLING TO WAIT 10 MINUTES TO GO UP 1 OR 2 FLOORS!!!!! RAAAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR! I hate it when people do that! Why!? Why!? Why!? I mean, if you didn't wait so damn long, you could've been wherever you had to go! Not only are you demonstrating to everyone in the elevator that you're a lazy ass, YOU'RE DELAYING EVERYONE! This is what I think everytime someone does that.

Haunter knows what it's like to be held up by lazy people.

Ok, I feel better now. So my latest obsession has been....ALPACA PLUSH! Not the real ones, because those are fug but alpacas from Japan, which are funnily enough, called Arpakasso. Hilarious.

Image taken from we heart it

Image taken from nuubu

Image taken from kiwilogy

Aren't they cute? Only Japan can turn this

Image taken from kilblann farm

into this

Image taken from here

So, now you know what I've been obsessing with. And I need to get back to preparing for my oral so that's all your getting today.

Remember, LOVE THE ARPAKASSOS NOT THE ALPACAS! Just kidding, love the alpacas too, they provide really soft and warm wool. And just because they're ugly doesn't mean they don't deserve love either!