Saturday, January 18, 2014

new sumikko gurashi collection - wilderness explorers?

Sumikko Gurashi, Wilderness Explorers

When I learned from Faith's post that another line of Sumikko Gurashi is going to be released, I almost wet my pants.

Sumikko Gurashi has quickly become one of my favourite San-x characters because they're all so cute and unusual. I'm so happy that San-x is deciding to make this group of characters one of their central characters (at least that's what it looks like so far).

Memo Pads

Loving the memo pads, as always. I especially like the third to the right and the last one looks like they're all spying on one of the newer characters from the group, this loch ness-looking dinosaur. 


These two stationary sets look totally adorable. I especially like the one on the left because of the cuter letter sheet and envelope designs.

Pens(?), Stickers and Cellphone Charms

I can't tell if those are pens or pencils but they're definitely writing instruments. It looks like they have one for each major character, the penguin, polar bear, cat and pork cutlet.

There's always sticker sheets available for each collection and I'm probably going to end up buying them, even though I never use my stickers because they're too cute to be used, or I'd want to use it on something that I'll take with me for a long time. 

Cellphone charms are always a cute idea but the design of these aren't too appealing to me. They're rather simple and plain (not that it's bad) and I really don't like charms with the jingling bell. I find it very annoying and draws a lot of attention to you (especially when you're trying to walk through the hallways at home when everyone is sleeping).

Pencil Case, ID Pass and Lunch Tote(?)

The item all the way to the left is actually a pencil case! I thought it was a wider bag but nope, it's a pencil case. I like the design of these three items and I like that San-x tried to make the pencil case in a different style but it just looks a little weird as a pencil case. Imagine pulling that out of your bag when you're in class/'s like you put a bag in a bag. I think they should've removed the handles. Maybe I'm just really picky. 

I have the same comments about the ID pass, the design is adorable the handles make it look a little off. I think they should've also removed the blue borders and just have it that off-white with the Sumikko gang peeking over the pocket.

I'm not sure if that's an actual tote or a lunch tote. But having the handles incorporated into the design makes sense since you'll actually use the handles to carry your lunch/bag.

Small Plushes and Cellphone Stand

The little plushes are adorable! It seems like there's two new characters, the sparrow and the tempura-looking buddy. The weed looks so cute with his tiny straw hat! I'm definitely going to try and grab all of these little buddies...except maybe not the penguin because I don't like the way he looks with the floppy hat. It looks like he's holding a cucumber...or am I just seeing things?

The cellphone stand is so cute! But I actually like the previous one better, where it was in a shape of a couch and the Sumikko gang were all huddled up together.
Plush Set

This is really adorable and I like the small details they included, like the weed hanging out on the side of the tree. There's also two little tapioca peeking over the tree. From what I can see, there's only the penguin and cat that comes with this plush set but can anyone let me know if the other members of the gang included as well?

This collection will be available in February, although I don't know the exact date but I can't wait to grow my Sumikko Gurashi collection!

What do you guys think of this collection? 

Photos taken from here.