Tuesday, July 01, 2014

recent health issues

Hey everyone! Sorry I've disappeared yet again, I've been experiencing a lot of health problems over the past few weeks. But I'm finally getting better so hopefully, I'll be able to start blogging more often again! I apologize for neglecting my blog for so long.

That was me except a million times worse.

My professional accounting program was officially over on June 8th at 9:30 AM. Our final board report presentation was scheduled for that Sunday morning at 8:30 AM. I'm stoked to report that my team and I did a kick ass job on our oral, the feedback we received from the judges was amazing and we're positive we passed the oral component (now we just need to wait for the written results in August).

It was an amazing feeling to know that I'm finally (hopefully) done my professional program and if all goes well, I'll be able to add six letters after my name by the end of this year (in addition to passing the program, we need 24 months of related work experience. I currently have 20 months but my current job's  only going to count for 12 months because it's a bobo accounting job).

The weekend after, I flew down to Toronto to visit my boyfriend who is going to be there for 3 months of training for his new job. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for about an hour and by the time he picked me up, it was about 11:30 PM and the only place we could find for food was a Boston's Pizza.

I had ordered some spicy pasta with sausages and it wasn't very good. My stomach hurt a bit during the night but I didn't think much of it. I had the leftovers for brunch. By the early afternoon, I was experiencing extreme pain in my lower abdomen and on our way back to my boyfriend's place, I threw up all over his car. After sleeping for an hour or two, I felt better and we headed to Niagara Falls. We had booked a very nice room in Niagara Falls that evening and planned to spend the day there.

Everything was fine until that night, where I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up again. I threw up everything I ate and only caught a few hours of sleep due to intense coughing. The following morning, I was able to keep down a croissant for breakfast and I only had a few slices of toast for lunch. I didn't have intense stomach pains until the mid-afternoon where it lasted about 3 or 4 hours.

Waiting for my flight back home, it was delayed about almost 2 hours and it was around 7 PM where I had very sharp abdominal pains. It was agony waiting to get home and I threw up again when we landed back in Montreal. Dragging myself to the pick-up area was brutal and I was in so much pain. Back home, I tried to have some chicken soup and threw up. I was surprised that I was able to fall asleep at all with the pain but somehow it happened.

Over the next week and I half, I couldn't eat anything without throwing it back up (even soup and jello) and was plagued with this sharp abdominal pain. I managed to drag myself to a doctor and managed to get an appointment despite being a walk-in. He diagnosed me with sinusitis (I've had a blocked nose and had a lot of difficulty breathing for the past 2 or 3 months) and an eye infection (yes, I've had that right after my oral). He prescribed medicine for the sinusitis but nothing for the eye infection or the abdominal pains. A few days after, the pain was so intense that my parents brought me to the ER where I spent almost 2 days in a wheelchair and was probed and scanned inside and out. The pain was so bad, they eventually put me on morphine and I was finally pain free for an evening and it knocked me out completely. I was discharged and apparently, everything appeared to be in working order, except for the fact that I couldn't eat anything and by abdominal was killing me.

Last Wednesday, I was finally able to eat some congee and that's basically what I've been eating since. I'm also able to eat yoghurt and salmon now (of all things). I lost 14 pounds over 2 weeks and while I admit I'm very happy with the weight loss, I would never ever ever ever want to lose weight like this. The pain and discomfort is not worth it.

I was off work for 2 weeks and only dragged myself back yesterday is because my (new and incompetent) boss was constantly calling, texting and emailing me while I was dying on my couch while I was away, asking me how everything worked and when I'd be back.

What I wanted to say to my boss

This is a little unrelated but I've been very dissatisfied with my job since the New Year because of a lot of changes that have been made. They fired my previous boss while she was on vacation and every one was informed about it and introduced to her replacement, while she was on vacation. She was the last to know. They not only did that, but refused to release her final pay cheque to her until she signed an agreement saying that she would not sue them. AND when they fired her, she was told that her position was made redundant but on her termination form, it said she did not perform the job properly. Since this happened, I've been extremely suspicious of upper management. On top of it all, her replacement is a total arrogant buffoon with even less experience than her. At least I liked my previous boss and she had common sense.
I should read this.

In short, I've been applying to many positions since May and while I'm impatient to hand in my notice, I've decided to wait until I found a good position. I don't want to jump into another job like the one I currently have because I'm desperate to leave. 

Sorry for the mini rant and the pretty depressing post but I want to inform my readers (if there are any left) of my prolonged absence and what's been going on in my life for the past couple of months. I'll definitely have a lot more free time now since I'm finished my program and since my boyfriend is away, I'll have even more free time to take pictures of my new kawaii!