Sunday, August 21, 2016

surprise bridal shower

Super long time no see! A lot of people have been asking me to blog about my wedding plans and I honestly have had very little to time to chronicle the planning but I do have some pictures from one event related to my wedding. Although it wasn't me that was doing the planning, it was the wonderful people I'm lucky to have in my life that did all the work.

I'm talking about my bridal shower. It was on July 16, 2016 and it was the most beautiful, wonderful event. It was a surprise shower and as usual I was completely oblivious. It started that Saturday morning, like any other. Alex suggested we go to the outlets to look for his wedding shoes. He suggested that we also return his parents' Tupperware since we pass by their house on the way there and that we do it before going to the outlets because his parents won't be home and we can do a quick in n' out.

Once arriving, he suggested we go inside to say hi to his mom because she was home (car was in driveway). There were flowers in the mailbox and Alex told me to hold them. I didn't think anything of his because his parents' anniversary was upcoming up and thought someone had sent them flowers.

Little did I know what was waiting inside....

Cue the waterworks, I cried like a baby. Trust me, I'm not a pretty crier. 

After I calmed down a bit, I was able to fully take in the number of people that attended and the beautiful and detailed decor. 

Me and my bridesmaids! Suzy, Florence (maid of honour), myself and my sister

Mom and I 

My sister and I 

Fernanda (mother-in-law) and I

Auntie Mei Ching and Belinda (my unofficial photographer)!

Mandy and I 

I won't post all my photos with my guests otherwise this post will go on forever.

It was a themed shower! Can you guess the theme?

If you guessed Breakfast at Tiffany's then you're right!

Pearls for everyone!

There's was a lot of food (most of which not pictured) and it was so delicious. We played some traditional bridal shower games like How well do you know the bride and The Wedding Dress Game. How well is basically a questionnaire about me and people would answer to the best of their knowledge and the Dress Game is where you design a wedding dress out of a few rolls of toilet paper. The questionnaire is individual while the dress game is in groups. 

It was then time to open my gifts. Before I can open any, I had to correctly answer a question about Alex. For each correct answer, I could open a gift and for every wrong answer, I had to stuff a Hershey's kiss on my mouth but I wasn't allowed to chew! My bridesmaids were kind enough to choose chocolate over marshmallows which would've taken a lot more space in my mouth and wouldn't slowly melt in my mouth!

Look at the concentration on my face. I only got two answers wrong though! They were Alex's favourite movie and who he'd want to meet regardless if they were dead or alive. I answered Senna and Chris Harris (his answers were Back to the Future and Ayrton Senna respectively). 

Last but not least is one of the highlights, the beautiful cake!

The inside was red velvet, my favourite! The cake wasn't too sweet which was surprising especially since most of it was covered in fondant. The inside was super moist and it was heavenly. 

It was a beautiful shower and I was so touched by all the planning and number people that showed up. I think there was about 20-25 people and I would've never imagined to be on the receiving end of such a party! I always thought that these type of things happened to other people and would never have though it would happen to me. I'm extremely grateful and touched by everyone who was involved and who came. I'm extremely lucky to have such loving family and friends. A special thank you to my unofficial photographer, Belinda for taking most of these pictures and letting me us them on my blog!

I hope you enjoyed reading this even though it was really quick and not terribly detailed but I have a wedding to finalize! We're leaving for Mexico in less than 1 week!


Tqa London said...

Oh my.. that's a very lovely Tiffany & Co. themed bridal shower. I wish I have supporting circles like yours cos mine they couldn't even remember my birthday hahaha
Anyway, congratulations on your marriage.