Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Yer a wizard, Harry"

3 days until my vacation to Virginia Beach! Yaaaay! I'm so excited. My family and I visit Virginia Beach pretty much every year (and if it's not Virginia, it's Florida) over the past 15 years. Nothing better than lying on the beach, getting a nice tan. Although I already have a pretty good one (for me anyway, since I never tan), I'm looking forever to keeping it and frolicking on the beach.

Since I will be the US, I decided to have a bunch of parcels shipped there, because shipping to Canada is so damn expensive. It's ridiculous. Anyway, one of the packages that I'll be shipping is........

-suspense music-


When I went to Universal Studios last year, I obviously went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was AMAZING! Like a HP fanboygirl's dream come true. The butterbeer was damn amazing and the ride in the Hogwarts castle was my favourite ride out of all the amusement parks that we went to.

I got distracted for and I'm going off in a tangent. So as I was saying, I visited those souvenir shops, cleverly named...I forgot, I saw the Hogwarts Crest Journal on display and I asked of the guys wizards who worked there and I asked him about it. He told me that it was sold out (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) and they didn't know when they would receive another shipment. Dejected and depressed, I bought the plainer, reject version.

Image taken from Life with a misspelled name.

To which I am now pouring out my heart and soul into (sound familiar).

BUT! Opportunity presented itself in the form of a vacation so when I searched for it on the Universal Studios online store, not only did I buy the Hogwarts Crest Journal, but I also bought these two:

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

So now, I won't run out of Harry Potter journals to pour my deepest darkest secrets into. At least for a long time.

Oh and before, I forgot, of course, here's the sought-after Hogwarts journal.

Image taken from Universal Studios Online Store.

Aren't they beautiful?

I couldn't decid which one I wanted so I got all three. At least now, I have the whole collection and imagine how amazing it'll look on my library with the rest of my Harry Potter books.

Aaaaah, life is good.

But I still haven't seen HP part 2. Why won't anyone go watch it with me???


Tammy said...

I didn't know you were such a fangirl of HP hehe. I remember when I went there too and I had a blast. Butterbeer got too sweet after awhile @_@. I actually didn't but any merchandise. The lineups were ridic long. I loved that castle ride too :D

I wouldn't know what to do with the books, so as pretty as they were I decided against buying them.

Hope you have a good time in Florida :3