Sunday, December 11, 2011

luxury condoms

Instead of studying (again), I was scrolling through Oh No They Didn't!, a LJ community where members post news about gossip and pop culture, and I found a post about..

Louis Vuitton Condoms.

Yes, that's right. These babies (haha, see what I did there?) will be selling for $68 a condom. They're not officially made by LV but a lot of LV fans "are really looking forward to this product". Wtf, seriously?

Ladies, wouldn't that be super sexy?

First LV toilet paper and then came the trash bags. What's next, LV kleenx? Or do they have that already? I guess it goes to show that people will buy anything as long as LV has its logo on it. Don't get me wrong, I freggin' love LV, it's my favourite brand, but I wouldn't buy this crap. But then again, I don't have loads of money to throw away. Rich people don't like normal people. I wonder if the LV toilet paper is made of silk or something. It better scrub me clean too.

LV is with me all the time, even when I'm in the bathroom. We'll be together forever bbz.

Okay, the trash bag isn't what you think it is. I mean, it is a trash bag, but it's a trash bag, as in handbag. But it might as well be used for a bag to put your trash into it because it's ugly...and looks like a trash bag. This baby goes for $2000 for a garbage bag that has the words Louis Vuitton on it.

Called the "Raindrop Besace." Should've been called the Trashy.

In case one wasn't enough, they designed another one. I will admit that the leather for the strap looks beautiful though.

Read the original post about LV condoms here.

On a totally unrelated note. Check out my totally cute and awesome Hello Kitty toys from MacDonald's. Be jelly.

There's a knob at the back of the hula one and she twirls the hula around. The snowboard is a bobble head. Want more!

Big jelly.


Vermillion said...

Lol, what brand names can do to elevate the prices of things P:

I've been a member of ONTD for a few years, sometimes hilarious stuff gets posted XD

ねこちゃん said...

hahaha this post really made me laugh! it shows how stupid people can be.. it's also sad.. T.T I mean seriuosly??? those items are soooo stupid!! the big jelly is amazing... do you think it's real?!?