Thursday, December 01, 2011

more bad teammates

Warning: You might actually learn some accounting from this post. Names have also been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Sorry to be doing this again, it seems like I've been cursed with bad team members this semester. I know that people don't like reading angry, whinny, bitchy posts but I have to let it all out.

Another project had to be handed in this semester with a team and this particular project is for my Not-For-Profit accounting class (I'm serious, that's the name of the class). Like most teams, we separated the work between members and all is good. My friend and I were responsible for editing and putting the project together and there was a lot of editing work to be done since our teammates didn't really elaborate on what they had written, and they had poor spelling and grammar. Our project was to analyze the financial statements of a charity.

Serious business, analyzing papers with numbers on them.

Two guys in our group were supposed to do an extremely easy analysis of one of the statements called the Statement of Cash Flows. This statement basically tells you where the cash is going and where the cash is coming from. It's honestly the easier financial statement to analyze. Here's a website that explains it very well but you might learn stuff.

But the analysis they did wasn't what I would call an analysis. All they did was take the numbers and put it into word form. For example, cash flows for cash and cash equivalents increased by xxx during the year. There was a decrease in xxx cash outflow in interest receivables during the year, etc etc. I don't know about you guys, but that's not an analysis to me. I didn't want to submit that to the professor so I e-mailed them and asked them to add more stuff. I waited around for a whole day and no response. I eventually got their phone numbers. One guy told me that he was working until midnight so he won't have time to add anything, fine. I called the other guy, let's call him Stumpy because he's short and wide, with a huge ass. I called Stumpy and asked him if he had received my e-mail and long story short, he refused to add anything to his part. He was extremely defensive about his part of the project but it wasn't as if I was really aggressive about it either. I just told him that I felt that he didn't elaborate on the CF analysis and he should explain what the implications mean. But he then cuts me off and says that there's nothing to add because there are no notes (small explanations in FS) or any additional information. This is where anyone who has been studying for accounting for 4 years would be able to do. But apparently, he doesn't know what to write because he's not being held by the hand to cross the street. He also said that he did the exact same thing on his midterm and that there were checkmarks everywhere and she said he did a good job. I could've easily countered his argument by saying that I elaborated on midterm and I got a 93 whereas he got a 78 or something. But I didn't, unfortunately.

My reaction to the CF analysis.

So I sucked it up and just redid his whole part. Stumpy was also whining about to do an oral tomorrow for our project because we get 3 bonus points. I honestly wasn't going to do it because I wouldn't have time to prepare for the oral since I was redoing his part. I called another team mate, let's call her Judy. Told her about what happened and how Stumpy wanted to do the oral, she said that she and Joe didn't care if the oral was done or not, and the oral is a go if he is wiling to do me and my friend Mary's parts (since we both have too much to do, and we honestly don't need those 3 bonus points, we're rocking the class). Called Stumpy and he made a whole bitch fest about how he didn't want to do anyone else's part. In the end, he agreed but told me to make it clear to Judy that she was doing the powerpoints. In short, she went ballistic.

I stayed up until 1:30 AM to work on their part and to put the finishing touches on the paper. I went straight to bed and when I woke up this morning, sent the final copy to everyone and asked Judy to print it out.

Throughout the course of the day, a pile of shit hit the fan. I got e-mails from Stumpy left and right, asking about why everything is wrong etc etc. I'll just copy and paste the e-mails.

Click on the pictures to read it, I'm sorry but the width is really long.

My response. I admit I was a little aggressive but he was complaining so much about everything and not doing anything, I couldn't sit idly by and be nice anymore.

This is where the shit really hit the fan.

I can't believe he said that. Not only is this rude but an unacceptable way to talk a team member.

I agree stoner guy.

So many ways for me to counter his arguments. Where to start? There's no need to repeat the mission statement part, already included in the my response to him. Not only that, he didn't give me his sources, just told me that it was on the foundation website so I spent a bit of time looking for it. He just told me that it was on the website but the website is huge, I had to look around for all the stuff that he said in the paper and find the right page. Not only that, he referenced a picture (he wrote attached to the appendix) that he found on the site. Of course, it'd be too courteous and use too much of his common sense to give me a link to that picture. Searched around the site, thankfully, I found it and put in the appendices.

It's a stupid explanation? If he had such a problem about the economic crisis for the decrease in cash and cash equivalents, why didn't he mention anything when I sent the project (minus his part) to the team last night? Why is he bitching about it now?

As for the governance part, I admit that I didn't ask him to do it. The point I was trying to make was that he was responsible for that part so if he had an issue with it, why didn't he fix it? It's his own part so he should fix it and stop complaining about it being all wrong.

Finally, about that "adding shit" to the project. I add that type of "shit" to all my exams and papers for all my classes, and I always get a high mark. So I guess teachers look for "shit" like that in a project. I wanted to tell him that that's what I did for my midterms and it seems that the professor likes the "shit" that I add to the papers and that's the difference between my A+ and his B+. But that would be adding fuel to the fire so I decided to be grown up about it (since one of us had to). Oh, and another thing, if we would spend more time editing our own parts? Well, I'm sorry, but we were busy editing your piece of shit that you call an analysis, since it evidently needed more time to fix up and ours. And believe me, Stumpy, your part was an editor's nightmare. The sentences did not make any sense, there were too many ideas in one sentence and no elaboration. Most of their paragraphs were two or three sentences. That's not a paragraph.

Oh about him being more accommodating, he's the only who wants to the oral so I believe that everyone else is accommodating him. And he wants more cooperation? There has been cooperation amongst the group except him. I didn't see him volunteering his services to do anything more for the project, I didn't see him asking anyone on feedback about his part or even asking how the project was coming along.

But instead of writing all that, I wrote this.

My final response to Stumpy.

Of course, the rest of the team knows about this since the e-mails were sent to everyone and 3 out of 4 side with me. I have no idea what the other guy thinks but it doesn't really matter.

Yeah, fuck you Stumpy.

If you've read all this, congratulations! I wouldn't have read this myself. For that I reward you with this!

Makes me laugh so hard everytime.