Friday, July 27, 2012

mcdonald's fairy tales hello kitty toys

I had to interrupt my Asia trip posts for this because I just found out about it and it's so cute, it'd be a crime not to share this with you guys!

McDonald's super kawaii promotional Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plush!

Are they not the cutest MD toys ever?!

It started on July 5 with the Ugly Duckling and basically every week, a new toy is featured. This week they're at the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, these adorable babies are only available in Hong Kong. WHY DIDN'T THEY START THIS PROMO WHEN I WAS THERE AT THE END OF JUNE/EARLY JULY!?

You what's even worse? Alex and I left on July 4 for Tokyo so if we had stayed one more day in Hong Kong, I COULD'VE GOTTEN MY HANDS ON THESE!!!! -cries an ocean-

Not very Ugly in my opinion..

The Frog Prince

The Cowardly Lion is soo cute!

Little Red Riding Hood.

They even have two "special" ones that you have to do a bit of extra work to get. This one is the a witch, I'm guessing and you can only her if you order delivery with over 70 Hong Kong dollars (about $9 CAD) of food. McDonald's is really cheap in Hong Kong so $70 is considered quite a bit of food. I remember when Alex and I were there with two friends, our whole meal was only 90 HKD and everyone had the trio plus one of those collectable Olympics cups.

Wise Owl?

This is a little random since I don't remember an owl being part of any fairy tale but that's ok because it's so cute! It's my favourite one out of all of them and of course, it had to be one of the "special" ones. You have the option of buying the complete set and you can only get the owl if you do just that. I believe the complete set comes with discount coupons but I don't really care about that ;)

I forgot to mention that each week the plush comes with a "special" meal, which is why in the pictures of the plush, there's always some kind of trio.

Apparently, McDonald's does this every year in Hong Kong. Last year, HK was dressed up as Ronald McDonald and his friends. It beats me why they only do this in HK, I'd definitely be eating more McDonald's if they did this in Canada.

Not as kawaii as the Fairy Tales one but still much cuter than the toys we have here!

I'm going to contact my friend in Hong Kong now and beg her to help me get this set! Anyone else interested? Let me know soon because I'm just waiting for a response from my sister before asking my friend, and I think the promotion is ending soon!