Saturday, November 17, 2012

hello kitty x forever 21 collaboration: hello kitty forever

I got an e-mail yesterday morning about the new Sanrio collection that's available at Forever 21. I wanted to post about it yesterday but I got home late and then felt too lazy to do it.

Sanrio and Forever 21 collaborated on an awesome new collection. I signed up for their newsletter (I admit that this collection is the only reason I bothered to sign up, I wanted the scoop on this collection!) and they gave me an preview of the collection before it was officially available to the "public."

I took screenshots of the official pictures, so that's why some of them have an arrow on either the right or left side of it.

I love love love this top!

This ensemble is perfect. Seriously, chococat PJs? Yes, please! And the hat, so cute!

Ok, so here's the part that's took me forever to do, because I actually screenshoted every single item that they had on their website so that you guys can see it. Because this must cuteness for a reasonable price is too awesome not to share.

I really don't this one, it screams old lady to me. But I don't know, maybe I'm just not up with the times.

I really like this sweater but I have a feeling that this wouldn't look too good on me. For one thing, I'm not nearly as thin as this girl and I think it'd either make me look really frumpy and/or make my boobs look gigantic.

This chococat sweater is adorable! I'm worried that the polka dot sleeves will make my arms look fat though. Gosh, all these dilemmas! Just so you know, I hate waiting in line to try on clothes at Forever 21 because it always takes forever so I usually just do the really lazy thing and take a risk, hoping and praying that it'll fit and look good on me, or just avoid buying from this store altogether.

Love this top too! But these usually make my chest look huge so I'm not sure if I should bother trying it on. The colours are amazing.

This is really cute too but collared shirts make my boobs look gigantic so I avoid them.

This is the top that I really liked from the official pictures, but I don't like the flared bottom, I think it'll make me look frumpy.

Best PJs ever! I don't know if I'll actually wear the top since I have a tendency of getting hot really easily but I'd definitely get the bottoms!

I was really obsessed with seeing the new collection that I actually went to a Forever 21 store today while I was downtown after watching the Santa Claus parade. I bought these pajama pants because a) they're awesome and b) they were only $13. How could I not buy these? It's PJs of Hangyodon, a vintage Sanrio character.

Don't like these leggings at all but the one on the bottom is even worse.

I don't know what they were thinking when they made these leggings. They scream ugly to me. I don't see how they can be flattering on anyone, it makes you look like a messed up checkers board or something.

I bought this scarf too because it was pretty warm and it was only $18. It has the same pattern as the sweater that I like right before the chococat sweater. For some reason, they don't show what the scarf actually looks like on their website, which is dumb since how are people supposed to know what it looks like when it's unraveled. There's a bunch of Sanrio characters on it and it's reversible, it's white and black on the other side.

I find this tote really cute but I probably wouldn't buy it myself.

These three are all towels and again, they don't show what it looks like once they're opened on the website so I guess you'll just have to go with your instincts on whether to purchase it or not.

I love these two luggage tags but they're made really cheap when I saw it in person. But I guess for $5, you can't really complain. The top one is much cuter though.

So here's the whole collection, what are you thoughts on it? Which items do you like best?


suzysweetz57 said...

Why don't you text me as soon as you found out about this new collection :O I'm in loveeeee. I especially love the makeup bag at the end of your post. But there are so many cute tops!!!! I want them allllll LOL