Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hello kitty x forever 21: hello kitty forever pt.2

So I was (still) obsessively checking the Forever 21 website to just stare at the Hello Kitty Forever collection (talk about creepy and...loser-ish right?) instead of working on my really important CMA assignment that's due Friday.

I then checked Hello Kitty Junkie's website to see what she wrote about this fashion cuteness. As I was scrolling through her pictures, it was then I realized this awful horrible truth.


Mr. Bean agrees with this unfairness.

So Canada Forever21 doesn't even stock half of the complete hello kitty forever collection. What's even worse is that most of the items that aren't stocked, are the ones that I actually want!

Who wouldn't want a sweater of Bad Badtz Maru punching someone? It's totally therapeutic since you'll be imagining that he's punching someone you can't personally punch yourself, most probably as you're talking to them.

This geeky chibi Hello Kitty t-shirt is too cute! Luckily, it's also not one of those stupid shortened t-shirts where the bottom of the shirt ends up precariously close to revealing your mid-riff (and it usually does when you stretch or you know...move). I don't know about you guys, but I don't have a super sexy ripped mid-riff nor one that I'm comfortable showing off. The fact that this t-shirt is a proper t-shirt makes me happy.

Back View.

Totally loving this one! It's more pink that my usual tastes but you should always have a bit of variety in your wardrobe right? The little mouse on the side is an adorable touch :)

I actually really like the back.

And of course, they have a pretty simple Hangydon sweater, for your more silly days. How can anyone be sad after seeing this?

These two flip flops are the best! I don't know why but Forever21 seems to be really trying to make a come back with Hangydon, not that I'm complaining, who can resist this cute (and somewhat weird) looking little guy? But the quality of these flip flops look really crappy but for $5, what do you expect? I'd be surprised if they lasted for more than a month. Maybe I'll just buy them to wear at home (and pray that Obi won't develop a liking to chewing them).

Look.at.this. In addition to be the most fabulously kawaii dressed person, you can also have the most fabulously kawaii bed. I love the pillow case but I'm not too crazy about the sheets, it's a really cute design but I don't want it as my sheets.

This knit pillow is awesome. I can totally picture it on my couch but the problem is, Scout, our rabbit is allowed to roam around me and my brother's place (the upstairs of our duplex) and she has a horrible tendency of chewing on pillows (she even chewed Alex's leather jacket). Given the choice, I wouldn't even let her touch my couch because her fur gets all over it and it's a lot of work to vacuum the couch to restore it to its original rabbit-hair-free state. But my mom, who obviously wouldn't have a clue about how annoying it is to have a rabbit roam around the house (she lives downstairs), said that it would be "mean." Maybe I should suggest a compromise with her, Scout can roam the upstairs, but she'll be the one doing the vacuuming.

Forever 21 even makes throwing out your garbage a kawaii experience.

Last but not least is this super chococat beanie hat. I wouldn't get this since I already have a really cute Knitwit animal hat, but I just wanted to post it up and show you.

I calculated it, and if I got all the clothes listed here, plus the two flip flops, it'll set me back by $84.80 plus tax. Not bad, not bad at all.

Any more F21 Hello Kitty Forever items you want to add to your wishlist?

To view the complete collection of hello kitty forever, click here.