Thursday, January 24, 2013

christmas presents 2012

Wow, look at me, two posts in a week! That hasn't happened in a while. As promised, here are the Christmas presents I received from my awesome family and friends.

Ta-dah! Christmas presents from 2012.

There's a reason why I took a picture of my whole bed (or almost, my back was pressed against the wall and I still couldn't capture all of it). It will be explained in due time.

Close up.

After I took these pictures, I realized that I forgot a few DS games. To think, I kept going over all my presents in my head so I wouldn't forget...and I still did. I'm a failure at even the most simple tasks T_______T.

Anyway, as you can see, I got a lot of kawaii this year!

Giant Fat Ass Furry Pusheen

Look at iiiiiiiiiit! I wasn't surprised that I got this since I was the one who opened the door for the mailman when this was delivered, oopsie. I glanced at the address and yeah...surprise ruined. But it was still a lot of fun to open it, it was bigger than I expected, a lot bigger. If you look closely, you can see that it's about the size of my actual pillow. What a fat ass.

I had gotten the smaller Pusheen last year (2011) and I was really disappointed with it. It was soft but it looked like there wasn't enough stuffing put into it so it was a little deflated and I could clearly see the stitchings all over it, which reduced its cuteness factor.

But I'm uber pleased with this one. It's super soft, plump and no stitching in sight. Plus, he looks pretty awesome guarding my bed.

Green Mewochi Plush.

This is called a Mewochi, as in a combination between meow and mochi. ISN'T THAT ADORABLE!? It's available in three colours, green, pink and white. I obviously thought the green one was the cutest, followed by pink. White is ugly (not actually ugly, but it's not nearly as cute as the other two). I wasn't surprised that I got this one either since my dad told me order it (yup, for myself) because I owed him money. At least I didn't open the door to receive it.

I think this was really well made and it has little beanies inside towards the bottom. It's super soft and my sister got one in pink also for Christmas (even though we didn't send it to her yet...she's coming to visit in two weeks so she'll pick it up then).

Mameshiba Tiger Bean!

Hang on to your hats everyone, because I got a TIGER BEAN PLUSH!!!! For those of you who aren't familiar with this character, it's a bean...with a dog's face on it. The original character is called Mameshiba, which literally means bean dog (mame = bean, shiba = dog in Japanese) and he's a regular green bean.


Not only does Mameshiba look adorably cute, he's also known to spout random trivia. He and his friends (who are different kinds of beans and nuts) are known to do this.

Tiger Bean Video Short.

Hur hur, sharks have tiny brains.

Of course, it wouldn't be Mameshiba and friends if they didn't have a bit of random information for you. They even included a random tidbit for you in their tag.

Tower of cute.

Christmas Arpakassos.

Aaaah, it wouldn't be right if I didn't receive any arpakassos for Christmas. These babies were a gift from my sister and her boyfriend. Actually, now that I think about it, she also got me an adorable shirt, which I forgot to take a picture of...

Now, I'll be moving on to the gifts Alex got me. His gifts for me are always a surprise since he NEVER gets me what I tell him to get (well, 99% of the time he doesn't). But that's what makes it exciting and fun.

Totoro Bento!

I have to admit, I was surprised that he got his for me. Alex usually doesn't get me kawaii things since I have too many and he wants to get me something "that's actually useful." Excuse me! Kawaii is useful! It makes me happy and keeps me warm during our awful Canadian winters!

But I guess a bento box is useful since it carries my food. I was really thrilled with this. I've been wanting to get a Totoro bento box for a long time. When I went to Japan, there were only 2 styles that I kept seeing over and over again (I know right?).

Le Garde Manger Cookbook.

I looooooooove this chef! He's a local celebrity since he has two of his cooking shows on Food Network Canada and his restaurant is freakin' delicious. He also beat Chef Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America.

I went to this restaurant with some friends of mine back in October, we had to make reservations a month in advance (wtf) but it was worth it. We ordered so much food, pretty much sampled everything.

The infamous Lobster Poutine that beat Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America.

Here's a little glimpse of the cookbook. That's the lobster poutine made really famous since it beat Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America. We had it at his restaurant, which is called Le Garde Manger. It was good but I find the gravy too salty.

Alex is going to try and get the book signed for me since Chuck Hughes parks at the hotel Alex works at all the time.

UGG Slippers.

He also got me a pair for these awesome UGG slippers. They're so warm and fluffy! They're perfect for the type of weather we've been having for the past week. Since last Saturday, it's always been at least in the -20s (Celsius). I haven't felt this type of freeze in a long time. It's almost painful to go outside. Since my room is upstairs (we live in a duplex), my parents don't really heat it up since it's a waste of money as my brother and I are only there to sleep. We have a timer for the heat and it turns on for 4 hours each day, (2 hours in the morning before we wake up and 2 hours at night before we go to bed). The floors in my room are FREEZING! So these slippers are Heaven-sent.

Thick inside linning.

This is why they're so warm, they have a thick inside linning. Sometimes my feet actually sweat. Also, Obi loves to chew on slippers so I actually make it clear to him that these were off limits, inside he likes to lick them. Kami too. I guess that's the closest thing to actually chewing on them.

Duvet cover, pillow cases and soft cushions.

Alex's parents gave me this amazingly beautiful duvet cover with matching pillow cases and two adorable and soft cushions. Now you know why I took a picture of my whole bed! I was thrilled with this because I love the pattern and the colours. It's so vibrant and really brightens up my room.

As you can see, my walls are a dark sea foam green so this duvet cover will really brighten things up. Those two cushions are also totally matching. Alex told me that his mom asked for a picture of my room so that their gift would match. I was really touched by her thoughtfulness but it's nothing less from her :)

Close up of the cushion.

The cushions are really comfortable to lie on. They look and feel really squishy but they're also extremely comfortable. Alex fell in love with them and always uses them when he's using my laptop on my bed, so not only do they look nice but they're extremely functional too!

Suzy's gifts to me.

Last but not least is Suzy's gift. We actually only exchanged Christmas gifts on Tuesday because we've been really busy over the holidays and we managed to find some them to hang out!

She got me one of my favourite movies, Howl's Moving Castle. I've been wanting to buy this movie for a really long but kept putting it off because of other expenses (ahem, kawaii plush). I'm so happy I finally got this! For those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend you do! It's so fantastical. Suzy also gave me her sample of Chloé perfume from her monthly makeup box subscriptions. I love that perfume so she gave me to me, now I won't have to go out and buy it, yay!

So those are my Christmas gifts, minus the three DS games I received from my brother and my parents...and the shirt from my sister and this self-growing Christmas tree Alex got me. Wow, I totally failed on trying to get all my Christmas gifts in one picture.

In an unrelated note, I brought Obi upstairs with me to take the pictures for this post and he was desperately trying to get on my bed to steal my plush. It was really cute and funny so I've included some "behind the scenes" pictures. Enjoy!

I want.

Let me try the other side, I want.

I still want.

I want at least one.

I finally got one!

They say puppies learn from older dogs so it's not surprising that Kami learned some of Obi's habits. I caught her in this position on my parent's bed.

I want.