Wednesday, May 29, 2013

san-x iphone cases

I was browsing around the net trying to find an adorable cellphone pouch for my mom when I came across this....holies of holies.
San-x iPhone Cases 

What I was feeling inside.

What I displayed (because I was at work and my office is made of glass...)

JLKDNFBAEBKJNGML;! Is this not amazing!? Who doesn't want a super kawaii PHONE CASE!? For some reason, they made different cases for the different iPhones. I find the iPhone 4/4s cases are nicer because they're clear.

Mamegoma Cases

But I do like the mamegoma iPhone 5 case. I find of wished they used that mamegoma design for the iPhone 4/4s as well. It's so much cuter. Or better yet, they'd use FAT MAMEGOMA! 

Tsuginohi Kerori Cases

Kogepan Cases

Rilakkuma Cases

I only took screen caps of the ones that I found nice but the links are available to view the whole collection at the end of my post.

Tsuginohi Kerori iPhone 4s Case

I love this one! It looks amazing in both the black and white phones. But I find it actually looks better with the black phone because the frog and the tadpole pops out more. Still looks awesome with the white phone though. Definitely getting this one.

Mamegoma iPhone 4s Case

The white definitely looks better since you can actually see the blue of the ocean. I'm tempted to get this one too but I already have too many freakin' cases.

Tarepanda iPhone 4s Case

I love Tarepanda and am upset that they stopped making designs of him. I'm glad that they actually made a case of him (but since they made a case of Afro Ken, it'd only make sense they'd have one of Tarepanda). I'm sad to say that I don't like the design of this at all though. Of all the Tarepanda designs they could've chosen, they chose this one..-sigh-

Tsuginohi Kerori iPhone 5 Case

I also really like the iPhone 5 case for Tsuginohi Kerori. Love all the little pictures and for some reason, it reminds me of a small town in Europe. If I had an iPhone 5, I'd get this one.

Mamegoma iPhone 5 Case

As I previously mentioned, I really like this design as well. But I would be more likely to get the Tsuginohi Kerori one. Or both, knowing my lack of self control. Check out the pink one in the top left popping out an edamame.

Are you going to get any of these?

All photos taken from San-x's blog and here.


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