Sunday, June 02, 2013

japan exclusive kawaii

I've been meaning to make a post about this (and tons of other things) but this package arrived right before my CMA exam. I didn't even open it until a few days after I received it and I only opened it and glanced at every thing, didn't even enjoy them 【・ヘ・】

When my exam was over, a bunch of other things started arriving and new colletions were released, not to mention the weather outside started to get ugly so it offered terrible lighting for my pictures. All these factors caused this belated post. The sun finally showed itself long enough for me to snap some pictures this weekend. I give you my Japan Exclusive Goodies!

Japan Exclusive Goodies

A huge thank you to Ariel for helping me get these. All of these goods only shipped to Japanese addresses so you can imagine how happy I was that she helped me get these  ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Eeyore Plush from Disney Japan

Every since I was little, Eeyore had always been one of my favourite Disney characters. I love Winnie the Pooh and friends but I loved Eeyore even more. I always found him to be super cute and it wasn't until much later that I found out that he's always depressed!

I have collected several Eeyore plushes from various Disney theme parks. Unfortunately, when I was in Japan last summer, I didn't have a chance to shop with Tokyo Disney Sea (can you believe it?). Alex and I decided to shop at the end of the day, after we had checked out all the rides and attractions but by the time we had some time available, Alex was very tired and desperately wanted to go back to the hotel before the park closed and we'd be trying to leave the same time as every one else. -sigh-


Naturally, when I stumbled onto the Japan Disney shop (how did that happen? ┗┃・ _ ・┃┛),  and I saw this plush, I took it as a second chance for me to get my beloved Eeyore.

He's extremely soft (it seems like the Japanese really know how to make their plush) and his hair is so fluffy and customizable! I can make Eeyore look like he just rolled out of bed or sleeked back (like in this picture). 


My dad and Alex said that it was ugly but I just take it as them being jealous and wishing their hair could be so flexible. My dad probably wishes he had that much hair in the first place. Alex too.

Stitch Plush

I remember not being interested in watching Lilo & Stitch but when I finally did, I loved it. I thought it was extremely cute and the plot was really well written. It emphasized the importance of family. It's been years since I've watched it but I still remember loving the movie.

Of course, the star of the movie was Stitch or Experiment 626 as he's official known. He has a huge fan base and while I am a fan, I find that most of his merchandise is a make or break for me (most of the time, break).

But of course, Japan makes everything so freakin' cute so I bought this and it's my first and only Stitch plush. He's the perfect size for cuddling and it's the smaller one too! They had a larger one for sale but it was 5,000 yen if I remember correctly ($50) which I found to be really expensive. I already thought the small for 2,500 yen (approx. $25 CAD) was a lot.


Disney Pens

I had to buy $50 worth of stuff to get free shipping at the Disney store so while every thing I wanted was sold out, I settled on these pens.

There's three different designs. The first is Alice and Wonderland, then Toy Story and finally Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I was surprised at how light they were, I expected them to be heavy but I was proven wrong. 


Disney really takes the time to make sure their products are of the highest quality and even small details like the box that's holding the pens are taken into consideration. Combine that with the attention to detail of the Japanese, and you get almost anal attention to details, which is always a good thing to a customer.

The pens write extremely well and write very smoothly also. The caps are easy to take off and doesn't require much force to snap it back into place. I'm really happy with these pens, kind of glad that all the other things I wanted were sold out (・ω・)


I managed to score these two adorable Nagaomimakuris for a really good price (at least I remember they were...). They're new members of my slowly expanding Nago family. I mentioned why this character is important to me in one of my previous posts.

Oshawott Snowman Plush

I was 10 years old when Pokémon Red & Blue came out so obviously, I am a pokémon geek. I was one of those kids who collected the cards, traded pokémons on their gameboys and watched the TV show after school religiously. Pokémon rap? Psh, I knew it by heart. The first movie? One of the first to watch it.

So it's not surprising that I bought one of the latest ones (Black & White, can't remember which one I bought). I know there's a sequel to it but I didn't buy it. As you can see, my enthusiasm for Pokémon diminished somewhat for the past 15 years.

But not enough to stop me from buying this plush.


Blitzle Plush

Ok, I love this zebra looking pokémon. It's so cute and I actually used it in Black & White. I have no clue what it's name is even when I was using it to fight all the other pokémons. I actually had to google "zebra-looking pokemon" to get its name right in the caption.


It's so cute! It's like chibi (and soft) and ugh, I just want to cuddle with all day. It's an electric type and I remember it kicking lots of ass...I also remember thinking it was the only good electric pokémon in Black & White but I'm not nearly the pokémon geek I am now as I was then so...I could be wrong.

Even the tag is cute!

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