Monday, September 09, 2013

rilakkuma happy natural time series - soo cute!

Remember the leaked Rilakkuma series I posted a few months ago? Well, San-x has finally made it official and the name of the line is Happy Natural Time. But then again, when isn't it a happy time with Rilakkuma and friends?

Aww, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori look adorable in their outfits

Memo Pads & Notebooks

The memo to the left is really cute and it's the same design as the main series picture. It looks like Rilakkuma is pigging out on the pie while Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori looks on (a bit longingly too). The other memo doesn't tickle my fancy since it looks a bit too crowd. 

The notebooks are cute, especially the one to the left but I won't be getting these since I have way too many unused notebooks and they're all just taking up space in my room. 

Mini Memos

I really like the Korilakkuma one, she's so adorable in her little deer outfit and she has her deer buddy too! I'm probably going to get that little memo and I'm not sure if I'll get the one all the way to the far left or the one next to it. The far left one has the exact same design as the large memo I wasn't crazy about but for some reason, it looks less cluttered when it's in pink.

Notebooks & Letterset

I love the envelops of the letterset, they're so cute. Imagine receiving a letter from someone with this type of stationary!


The pens aren't too impressive. San-x has made beautiful pens and pencils before and while these ones look like they'd be extremely comfortable to hold, they just aren't too cute. 

White Out

At first glance, you think they're just regular white outs and you're probably wondering why San-x even bothered to put this as part of their collection. But if you look closely, you'll see some Rilakkuma and friends' designs on it. You can see the deer on the dark pink one and I see a Kiiroitori holding an apple (?) on the light pink.

Pouches and Passes

The design for the pouches and passes are too adorable! I'm a big fan of of the pouches, the shape and size of them are just perfect. They're also made out of malleable plastic so it's not a big deal if they get a little squished in your handbag since they'll just retake their original form again. It's also a great size to use as your makeup pouch. I actually use one of mine to put my 3DS XL in.

The pencil pouches are made out of the same material so they're pretty awesome too. I have one of sumikko gurashi but I haven't used it yet so I can't tell you how great (or not) it is. I do have one of the ID passes (again of sumikko) and it's awesome! The case itself is hard and my transit pass slips in really easily, it makes traveling by public transit much more enjoyable and fun.

Business Card Case & Glasses Case

Now here's something San-x doesn't have a lot of. They made a business card and a glasses case for this collection, which is pretty cool as it encourages people to spend more money on their goods. Although the design is really cute and I actually need a business card case, I feel it would be really unprofessional of me to have such a kawaii case to carry my business cards -sigh- {{p´Д`q}}

Mini Tote and Totes

The totes are simple, but like most of the San-x totes, I'll be passing on them. I like the design of the larger tote better though. Even though there's more things on it, it doesn't look cluttered on the large tote as the size is big enough to "support" the design.

Small Towels

Keychain Plushes

How cute but I think the plushes are much cuter. I also find Kiiroitori's face looks a little...weird. His beak is too big for his face.


Omg, these are so adorable! Look at their outfits! They even have hooves! And Kiiroitori is dressed as an owl, this is too precious! I'm definitely going to get my hands on the kiiroitori plush but I probably won't get Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma since I have too many plush, as sinfully cute as they are. But I do love their costumes as well as the detailing involved, plus the kumas are both holding a super cute little deer.


I'm not sure if this is a towel or a blanket since it looks like the bottom of it is really soft but at the same time, it looks absorbent. Anyway, it looks really cute either as a towel/rug or a blanket.

What do you think? I think it's really adorable and one of the few Rilakkuma collections that I really really love! It's also perfect for the fall with its woodsy theme.

All images taken from San-x's blog.