Tuesday, September 24, 2013

rilakkuma happy natural time re-ments

Bwah! It's been forever, I apologize. I've been obsessively playing Animal Crossing whenever I have any free time and CMA started again.

Because of the intense kawaii level of the Happy Natural Time series, San-x decided to make some re-ments for the collection also! There's a huge "HOMEMADE" sign on the box so I guess the emphasis of the re-ment is home baked goods?

Happy Natural Time Re-ments!

The design on the box is very adorable.  Rilakkuma looks really eager to start eating, while Korilakkuma has actually started eating and Kiiroitori is...preparing the food for the Kumas to eat?

Re-ment Designs

Not surprisingly, most of the foods are focused on berries, pies and basically, fall food. It looks like there's some homemade jam simmering in the pot and an apple pie fresh out of the oven (#2). I'd have to say my favourite would definitely be #6! It looks likes a donut in the shape of Rilakkuma with some syrup to drizzle over it? #8 is also one of my favourites since I love having hot tea and some cookies. It's all served in an adorable Rilakkuma-shaped tray (or cutting board?).

It reminds me of these real kawaii donuts.

I won't be getting this set, since there's only two that I really like and the rest I'm ok with. The likelihood of actually getting the ones I want are slim, plus I actually already have four complete re-ment sets (haven't even opened them) and finding a place to put them is already difficult.

What about you guys? Will you be getting the set (or take a chance on buying a blind box) or will you just admire from a distance?

Rilakkuma images taken from here.