Sunday, December 15, 2013

all i want for christmas is.....all these

I know, I know...I suck. It's been well over a month since my previous update and I don't have any reason other than usual ones, you know them all by heart now.

Since it's mid-December, I think it'd be appropriate to make a Christmas list detailing all the things I don't need and want (and because I haven't actually had time to take pictures of the kawaii I've collected over the months).

I present to you, Richelle's 2013 Christmas List.


Before I unravel this magnificent list, keep in mind that I realize some of these items are ridiculously expensive and that I would never actually ask anyone to get them for me. It's the Christmas list I'd give to my ridiculously wealthy sugar daddy. They're also not in any particular order, I just threw them all here as I thought of them.

BCBG Owl Sweater

I actually saw this in stores, tried in on and bought it. But then realized that Christmas was approaching so returned it. So in actually, I was this close to getting it. 

BCBG Dog Sweater

I didn't see this in stores because our selection sucks but I saw it on BCBG's website. This is so cute, the dog is wearing a tie! I think it's even elegant enough for me to get away with wearing at work, because who's going to complain about a sweater with a tie-wearing dog? No one.

BCBG Dog iPhone 5 Cover

If only I had an iPhone 5, then I could get this and match my tie-wearing dog sweater. People will think I'm a crazy dog lady, and they wouldn't be wrong. Dogs are the best. This case also GLOWS IN THE DARK. So I'd be able to stare at my awesome dog phone case in the dark.


I'm constantly on the fence about this one. I think (books > ebooks) x infinity because I like browsing in bookstorse, checking the covers, reading the blurbs about the book and feeling the pages (yes, I do that, don't judge me) as opposed to downloading an ebook. Plus, who's ever seen a bookshelf consisting of an e-reader?

But the main reason I'd like a Kindle is because of my work bag. It's professional looking but small and structured, much smaller than my unstructured handbags I use for my personal life. Unfortunately, I need to make impressions at work so I'll need to continue using structured and small handbags. The Kindle is extremely thin so it avoids having my handbag looking really bulky. There's a few books  I can't even read while on my way to and from work because it just makes my bag too bulky and cumbersome. Having a Kindle would also avoid the annoyance of finishing a book during my travels to and from work and having nothing to do on the metro.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I normally buy every 3DS game I want as it comes out but I held myself back from this one because of the approaching holidays. I also had about 5 3DS games on hold at the moment because I've been obsessively playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. I'm a huge fan of Zelda games so it's not surprising that this is on my Christmas list.

Wii U

I've always been a fan of Nintendo and surprisingly, I have yet to purchase the Wii U. I'm so out of the loop when it comes to gaming consoles that I don't even know what the new features are for this. I know that PS4 and Xbox One came out recently and everyone wants them for Christmas. The main reason I want to get a Wii U is because the new Super Smash Bros is coming out for it (and yes, I like the game that much that I'm willing to buy the console just for that game, tell me that's not brand loyalty). 
For all your Smash Bros Players Out There...

We're now entering the part of my Christmas list that gets me really emotional. Tokidoki x Sanrio did a collaboration and the new product line was released about three weeks ago. I joined the mailing list of both Tokidoki and Sanrio just so I can get a sneak preview of the goods.

Unsurprisingly, they had a TON of adorable items and there were a few I was totally lusting for. I had asked my sister if she was willing to some of the products for me and she agreed. I had added everything in my cart and was all ready to go EXCEPT it was so close to Black Friday that I thought, maybe they'd have a sale.

How silly I was. Firstly, I should've known that there would be no discounts on new product lines (because which company does that?) but it's happened to me so many times where I've bought something because I was afraid it would sell out and they'd have a discount of it like a week later (assholes).  

Not only were the new items not on sale but the one item I really wanted was sold out within two days! 

Tokidoki x Sanrio: Pom Pom Purin Plush, gone in a flash

It was this plush! Sold out within two days!! My sister had agreed to get this for me for Christmas but I told her to wait because of the possibility of Black Friday sales. So, not only was it completely gone but I wanted it so bad that I was contemplating on whether I should buy $75 worth of crap at Sanrio's website because there was a chance that I'd get this plush for free (they were having a promo where you'd get a random Tokidoki x Sanrio plush if you spent over $75...basically 1 out of 15 chance). But my brain started working again and I didn't do it.

But I guess I was meant to have this plush because a few days after obsessively searching for this plush, I had found a listing on eBay. The girl had posted a listing for one of the Tokidoki x Sanrio handbags and this plush together and she was selling it at a steal (basically the cost of the bag and the plush was free). I promptly messaged her and asked if she was willing to sell the plush separately and Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph, she was willing to! She sold it for $22 (shipped) and I was thanking my lucky stars that she didn't sell it for a million dollars like what a lot of other people do. Maybe she didn't realize the value or it or maybe she just wanted to get rid of it...but if she was willing to give it away with the purchase of her bag..I'm guessing she just wanted to get rid of it.

THINK ABOUT THE LIKELY HOOD OF THAT! What are the chances that I would be able to find not only a listing on eBay so soon after the line release but also that didn't overcharge the item. On top of that, I'm almost positive she bought the bag off because she didn't even know the name of the plush and she said it comes with the free plush she received. What were the chances of actually getting the Pom Pom Purin plush, when there were about 14 other ones to randomly give out? Clearly, I was meant to have this plush.

This took forever to sell out, probably because they made about a billion of them. My sister got this for my Christmas present, no problem. Too cute, I can't wait to get it!

Tuxedo Sam Luggage Tag

This was sold out pretty quickly too but I wasn't too upset about it because as a luggage tag, it'll probably get destroyed really quickly. Just like all my other luggage tags. You'd think I'd learn to stop buying overpriced pretty luggage tags when they get ruined in one trip.

Tuxedo Sam Ornament Plush

This was sold out pretty quickly also and I really liked this one.  He's so cute! He looks like he's scuba diving. I found this one eBay but the seller wanted $20 for it, it retails for $8. Surprisingly, I didn't buy it. I'm hoping that it'll turn up soon without a high price tag attached to it but I highly doubt it, but miracles have happened before -cough Purin Catcus Plush-.

This is the not-as-kawaii version of the Cinnomoroll plush but I still find it adorable. I almost asked my sister to get this for me also but decided that I didn't need two of them. It's amazing that I've been doing so much rationalizing lately and even more amazing that my brain overcame my desire for these kawaii items.

Pom Pom Purin Cow Plush Ornament

I find this one absolutely hilarious. He's dressed as a cow, complete with earrings and everything! He makes a good cow, since he's so fat anyway.

Lonely Planet Great Escapes Photo Book

I saw this during one of my lunch breaks at my local bookstore and loved the pictures. I'm always a sucker for coffee table books and I love to look at photos of other countries.

Japan LA Hello Kitty Christmas Sweater

I've always wanted an "ugly" Christmas sweater and when I saw this, I desperately wanted it. But with the hefty $50 (+ shipping) price tag, I hesistated....multiple times. I was constantly debating with myself whether to get it or not because of the price and I wasn't sure about the quality as I had never bought anything from Japan LA before. But in it's own way, life resolved the problem for me. All the sizes, except XL, are sold out and I'm not an XL.

iPhone 5s: Gold

Although I love my iPhone 4s, the 5s in gold is breathtaking. When I heard they'd make gold an option, I thought it was gaudy but it's a very nice colour. I'm not surprised that it was sold out for the longest time.

Sumikko Gurashi iPhone 5s Case

Of course, my 5s woudn't be complete without an amazingly kawaii case. I like having clear cases because it still allows the original colours of the phone to show. And of course, because San-x came out with a Sumikko Gurashi clear case,  it definitely made it on my Christmas list.

So that's my Christmas list, what's on yours?