Wednesday, November 06, 2013

four new san-x cuties

San-x has announced four new characters and I'm totally in love with two of them! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

I'm going to do my best with the names of these characters since I can't read kanji and the names are based off of google translate and we all know how accurate that is sometimes.

Duck Chief Clerk

Well, I guess the name makes sense since it's a duck that's wearing a tie and he's holding a briefcase on the subway. Maybe it's more like Duck Clerk? Anyway, I'm guessing the story behind this character is he's a working duck! Truckin' through the days, earning a decent salary in the big city to support his family (?). I'm making the assumption that those little chicks are his children but I could be wrong.

Regardless what the story is, it's a cute character and it's a good way for people to relate. I mean, I'm a girl living in the big city, trying to make a decent living. I also take the subway to and from work (although I don't carry a briefcase but a handbag is the female equivalent). He's like the male duck equivalent of me!

Neko Yori Chiisai & Zou no Mainichi

I just copied the name off the wallpaper. Google translate says they're called "tiny elephant." I can't argue with that since the elephant does look very tiny and adorable. The cat looks very lazy and fat, which is fine since San-x is good with fat lazy cats. Remember Nyanpuku?

I'm a fan of the elephant but not so much of the cat. I don't think it's design is anything special but the elephant is so cute!


This description made me laugh out loud. This is the translation I got from Google translate:

" In the perfectly round 
buttocks with a angrily 
It's cute animals."

What? So this character is totally about animal's "perfectly round buttocks!" That is amazing, I love it! The corgi is super adorable and how can you not love this character? Cute animals' butts = awesome. The black dog even has an x as a butt! 


The translation on this character is totally messed up so I won't even try to understand what it means. I think it's name is Do but I can't be sure. But from the picture, it looks like it's a giant dinosaur, it's even bigger than the ones and a meteorite is bouncing off it.

It's soooo cute! Imagine a plush of this character? It'd be so adorable and I would totally buy it! 

So there you have it, four new characters. I especially love the butt animals and the kawaii godzilla. I hope San-x is going to release a bunch of items based off of those two characters, at the very least.

What do you think? Do any of these characters tickle your kawaii fancy?

Images taken from here & here.