Sunday, September 07, 2014

rilakkuma Nonbiri Neko (Carefree Cat) series

Nombiri Neko (Carefree Cat) Series!

So after several months of gossip and snippets of merchandise from this line, San-x finally official released most of the goodies from the Carefree Cat line!

I personally really like this line even though I'm not a fan of cats but it's really adorably done.

Stationary Goodies

I find Rilakkuma and friends dressed up as kitties is really adorable! I especially like the pictures of them playing with each other. They seem to have a kitty friend with them too. It would've been a lot cuter if Kii was dressed up as a cat also, since he isn't in costume in any of the stationary pictures. It seems like Kii is always left out.

Pencils, Pens & Pouches

Like every line, they have mechanical pencils, pens and pouches. The pencils and pens look like the tails of Rila and Koril jiggle as you write. I'm not crazy about the design of the pouches though. I feel as of the colours are too bleh, it's all shades of brown and other fall colours. I prefer brighter colours.

Small Towel & Tissue Holder

The tissue holder is a good idea! San-x doesn't have too many of those from any of their other series. It's really cute and Rila looks so fluffy. You can grab him and put him on your lap and pretend he's your real cat, haha.

Tote & Slippers

I really like the style of the tote and the fuzziness of it as well. But with all these cute fuzzy, furry bags, I always think that they can only be used during the winter because otherwise, it'll be too hot to use them. I can imagine by shoulders getting all sweaty and gross when I use this during the spring/summers and it'll get the bag all dirty and gross. 

The slippers are adorable! It's such a great idea that they have a different design of each foot and they even included Korila's little button in front. 


And of course, here`s what we`ve all been waiting for (at least what I`ve been waiting for), the plushes!! These have been circulating around the internet for a while and I almost died when I saw them. Look at how cute they are!! Especially Kiiroitori! 

After some debate, I decided to only order the Kiiroitori cat plush. I'm really trying to cut down on my kawaii. I know I've been saying it for years but I recently actually felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have purchased over the years. My office desk at home is just littered with stuff I've bought over the years and it actually made me feel really claustrophobic. So if there was ever anything you've had your eye on in my blog posts, come and check my shop, it just might be listed. If it's not there, feel free to e-mail me or just check my shop often, I'll always be listing new stuff up.

Lawson Exclusive Plush

Lawson will also be releasing an exclusive plush. I think it's a cellphone holder that features kitty Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori lurking in the background. For once, Rilakkuma's the one that's excluded. They're both in a little pink basket and I think Kii is actually holding on to some cat toys and there's a little fish plush there. It's super cute and perfect for cat and Rilakkuma lovers everywhere. Whether you have a cellphone or not, just to have it in your room would be kawaii enough to get it!

All images taken from here and the Lawson exclusive was taken from here.