Thursday, September 25, 2014

walking sardines - a san-x creation

I was browsing the San-x online shop because I was bored (a dangerous thing) and I was looking at the October releases.

I came across this.
Walking Sardine?

Coin Pouch

It turns out it's a little plush coin curse, although it doesn't look like you can put much inside it but it's the aesthetics that's really important here.

I think this is hilarious, sardines with legs!? It's funny enough that San-x is making some sardine characters but they also had to have legs. I wanted to know more about this funny aquatic little guy so I did some research and found some San-x artwork and details about their line of goodies.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the English name of these little guys. Looks like they're running to freedom instead of being eaten!

From this little comic strip, it seems like they're broken free of their tin confines and are making a mad dash to freedom, running over the obstacles placed around your kitchen and home and avoiding the dangers of  being eaten by that cat!

There's also a few small shrimp that are running to freedom with them. One of the sardines is even carrying a shrimp on his back!

Text explaining the story?

Maybe this small piece of text explains the story behind the sardines. From the English text, the sardines don't want to become food for people and long to go back to their home, the Blue Ocean.


I'd imagine that this would be a small bio of the characters from the line there's also something listed that kind of looks like nutritional facts...although it'd be weird to list it for the cat but I guess in some countries, they do eat cats.

Not sure what to make of this

Although I find the one crying in fetal position position to be pretty funny. It's mean of me but it just looks so silly.

And the one dressed as a cat scaring off all the others is pretty funny too. For some reason, the headband with the cat face attached looks like a police officer's hat to me.

Now enough about my hypotheses about this character line and let's move onto the actual goods.

Stationery Goods

I'm not too sure how I feel about these colour- schemes, there's just something about them that throws me off but I can't put my finger on it. I do find it really funny that the sardine carrying the blue shrimp looks really annoyed though. And it seems to be wearing shoes while the other one isn't.

Bags & Accessories

I do like the colour of the tote though, I find it complements the design and colours of the sardines. I think it might be the silvery-gray-white colour looks weird with a blue background so all those items with that colour-scheme just looks so strange to me.

Small Plushes

I really like the small plushes from this collection. I think they may the filled with beanies and they look really cute, especially the shrimp and the crab. Although I don't know what role they play in the storyline. 
Larger Plushes

That plush of the sardine with the backpack is actually a cellphone holder! I thought it was just a funny plush. I really really like the one carrying the shrimp and I think it squeaks?

ID Pouch

There's also an ID pouch that was listed in San-x's shop website. 

All images taken from here and here.

How do you feel about these funny sardines?

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