Wednesday, December 10, 2014

back from australia and some news

Hey everyone so I arrived home from Australia on November 21st. Australia is beautiful with gorgeous weather and it was just a breath of fresh air. For 3 weeks, I didn't think about work and was completely stress free!

I'll be making a few individual posts about my Australia trip but here's a little sneak peak of the beautiful country (in no particular order).

Guess where this is?

Wouldn't be Australia without Kangaroos!

Ok so that's enough for the sneak peak, otherwise I won't have any more photos to blog with. It's a bit sad to be back home even though it's home, I really dislike living in this city and I'm just itching to leave but I can't due to my professional accounting designation (still need 4 more months to be able to practice) and my boyfriend needing experience in his field. Sigh, life is never a straight line.

There's also been a development at work. Remember how I mentioned in one of my previous posts that they had fired my previous boss while she was on vacation? Well, they pretty much did the same thing to me. I was "laid off" a week after I came back from Australia because the company's "restructuring" which is a load of crap. They had already replaced me and my replacement (who is the guy that was replacing me while I was away) was sitting in my office doing my job a few hours after I was given the letter. To add insult to injury, they tried to make me sign a document saying that I won't sue them, ask for more money and I give up my right to be re-hired otherwise, they won't give me my severance pay, 4% and the money I'm owed for working that week. I refused to sign it since it's illegal and told them so (not exactly in those words). My ex-boss promptly got my cheques.

It sucks but I've been trying to cut my ties with that company since May and I wasn't happy there. It wasn't a good company to work for (as evidenced by how they treat their employees) and I couldn't advance any more. Now I'll have tons of time to focus on getting a job I want and at a company where I can advance. Or just become super desperate and end up with another dead end job. Who knows. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)?۶

So now that the crappy news is done with, I also have good news. My boyfriend (of 8 and a half years) and I are moving in together. Woohoo! It would've been even better news if we got engaged but I'll take moving in together (✌゚∀゚). We've been talking about a few months before I left for Australia and we figured it's time. It's mighty freakin' expensive to buy a house in this bloody city so we decided that we'll move into my parents' upstairs duplex and save money until we have enough for a house. We spoke to my parents about it almost immediately after I returned and they're kindly not charging us any rent so that will definitely help.

For the full comic, click here.

So lately, I've been just running around finishing up my Christmas shopping and doing housewife-y things like buying the furniture and other things we need (I've been to IKEA 3 times in the past 2 and a half weeks). The upstairs needs a lot of work, especially the kitchen so I'll get a head start on that as well. I've also need the one coming with ideas on how to decorate the upstairs and making appointments with banks to open up joint accounts etc etc. It's pretty exciting and I'm hoping we'll be ready to move in by the New Year but there's so much work to be done!

Due to this lifestyle change, I'm going to be selling a lot of my kawaii. There's simply not enough space for my boyfriend and my kawaii and I've chosen my boyfriend over the kawaii (hard to believe, I know). I'm sadden that I'll have to get rid of the majority of my collection but life's about making decisions right? I've listed tons of kawaii in my shop since I got back and I'll continue to be listing more as time goes on (and after I've mentally gotten over the fact that I have to say goodbye to it).

Some Items I've Added 

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