Thursday, October 30, 2014

rilakkuma & sumikko gurashi knit goodies

As the winter months approach, we start to pull out our sweaters, mittens and hats. It seems like San-x is thinking the same thing and will be releasing a Knit Goods line that features Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi!

As you saw in the first image, they have some cute keychain plushes and the little kawaii buddies are kept warm in cute little mittens. I wonder why only Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma's mitts have the poms poms? I think Sumikko friends deserve one too! And Kiiroitori is excluded again (」゚ペ)」

I really like the mitten colour and design that the Polar Bear has though. It gives off a wintery-air.


Oh lordy, look at the plush! They're so cute and perfect for cuddling during the cold winter months! I love love the pom pom hats and the pom pom scarfs the Sumikko group has! I guess that makes up for the fact that the keychain plushes didn't have any pom poms, haha. 

I already ordered the Polar Bear sumikko plush and I was debating for a long time whether I should've ordered the Korilakkuma plush too but in the end, I didn't. Hurray for self-control!


Here's some knit pouches which aren't too impressive. I like the Sumikko one better but I find the badge of the Polar Bear and Cat seem to blend in with the white of the pouch too much. It makes a bit hard to see where the badge begins and where it ends. The Rilakkuma one, you can clearly see Rila's head but the Sumikko one makes you to do a double take.

Small Pouch

There's also a smaller knit pouch if you want something warm-looking to carry your phone in! You can also carry other items but the design looks like a phone case. They look like socks to me, hehe. It's too bad they only made a design for Rilakkuma and the Cat, it'd be nice to have one of Korila and the Polar Bear also.

On another note, this is likely to be my last post before I head off to Australia this Saturday! I'll be gone until November 21st and I'll need some time to get over my jet lag so there probably won't be any activity until December.

Last call for any orders in my shop, they'll be shipped tomorrow (if I receive the order by 9 PM EST tonight), otherwise, they won't be shipped until beginning of December!