Friday, February 06, 2015

tsum tsum collection

Happy very late New Year everyone! It's been extremely hectic on my end with the renovations and the move. Our new place needed tons of work and since Alex works full time, we were only able to work during the weekends. I did whatever I could during the week but a lot of it required some degree of handymanship (which I do not have at all) so I needed to wait for Alex to do it.

There was also tons of waiting (we painted and coughed like crazy. I seriously wouldn't recommend you to paint/sand/varnish etc during the winter. It's HORRIBLE, I haven't been breathing properly since) since we need to paint a million coats and they needed to dry etc. 

Good news is it's READY! Finally, Alex and I are hosting a dinner this Sunday with both our families (will be crowded but oh well) and I'll have a post about our new place soon!

But first, a post about my tsum tsum collection.

Tsum Tsum Collection

First, what are tsum tsums you may ask? Only the hottest thing since beanie babies. They're stackable plush of Disney characters! The whole point of them is to buy as many as you can so you can stack them on top of each other and Disney makes even more money because they know their audience so well.

Worked like a charm on me and I'm 26.

First Tsum Tsums

I first found out about tsum tsums last year and I immediately asked the lovely Ariel to get me some. But before my order of an army of tsum tsums arrived, my sister bought me Marie and Chip (or is it Dale?) from the Disney store in NYC. My family had visited last August and I unfortunately, wasn't able to go (because once you work, you're only limited to enjoying life 2 weeks out of 52, there seems to be something wrong there). I had actually asked my family to pick up a medium sized Marie tsum tsum for me but they didn't have any more in stock.

Christmas Edition Tsum Tsums

The next ones I received were the Christmas versions! My parents got me these 3 this past Christmas and they're adorable. You can definitely tell it's Christmas by looking at them. I'm a little annoyed that Mickey's santa hat doesn't stand up though.

So Pluto is supposed to be wrapped as a Christmas present and both Minnie and Mickey are wearing festive red suits.

Pluto even has a cute little bow and Minnie is wearing a dress while Mickey wears the whole suit. 

Fake Tsum Tsums

These two are non-authentic tsum tsums and I knew they weren't the real deal when I bought them but I didn't care. The reason I bought them was because the Zero one is impossible to find, it came as a part of an anniversary set that's about $200 so yeah, sorry I'm not that rich. The Eeyore one you can still find although it's a little hard and you'll probably end up paying quite a bit for it. They were charging these for the same price as authentic tsum tsums but I wanted them so I caved. 

I'll be posting a guide on how to tell authentic tsum tsums from fake ones in the near future. 

Tsum Tsums from Japan

So these were the ones I had asked Ariel to get me. I think I started asking her around February of last year and it just accumulated to all these. I received them right before Christmas. Needless to say, it was a great Christmas present to myself. 

One of the Eeyores and one of the Poohs are actually the Easter editions. If you look closely, they'll have Easter bunny ears and they have a cute and colourful Easter egg pattern.

You can definitely see the Easter Pooh and Easter Eeyore better like this.

Medium Marie Tsum Tsum

Even though Medium Marie was sold out in NYC, I was still able to get my hands on her! One of my kawaii friends wanted to buy something from my shop and she suggested we do a swap instead. So I swapped my kawaii for this! Isn't she pretty?

I find she looks better than the small Marie and she's so girly, I love it. 

Look at that fluffy tail.

Medium Stitch & Rolly

The last tsum tsums I got were these two! Those of you who liked my Facebook page got to help me choose whether I should get the Medium Stitch or the small one! It was unanimous, everyone said to go for the medium so here he is!

Rolly's from 101 Dalmatians (the Diamond edition is coming out on DVD Feb 10th! Disney should sponsor me). He's the chubby one that loves to eat! I actually had a bit of trouble deciding which one I should buy (they released 3 dalmatian puppy tsum tsums) but decided on the chubby baby in the end. I was tempted to buy all of them but I'm trying not to buy so much kawaii from now on. I had such a hard time moving because of the amount of things I had and kawaii took up about 80% of my things.

Stitch's tail reminds me of Obi's!

So here's my tsum tsum collection to date. I actually have about 4 other ones on the way, haha. Once I get them, I'll make another post!

Also, I uploaded a ton of kawaii to my shop in the past few weeks. Please have a look! This is just the tip of the kawaii-berg. They're all in excellent condition and 99% of them still have their original tags. I'm also willing to do swaps with people (provided you have experience) and am willing to negotiate on prices (but be reasonable, don't offer $10 for something I've listed for $25). I'll be posting more in the upcoming weeks!

Lastly, do you collect tsum tsums? If you don't, do you think you will? Which if your favourite? I'd have to say Dumbo would be my favourite! I think they should Lion King next! I would totally buy the whole collection.