Tuesday, March 17, 2015

weekend of big surprises (disney world trip!)

For those of you who have either followed me on Instagram and/or Tumblr and/or liked my Facebook page, you would've already known the general overview of this post. Alex surprised me with a weekend trip to Disney World! ▒▒▓█▇▅▂∩( ✧Д✧)∩▂▅▇█▓▒▒

This surprise happened on February 20th. Alex woke me up to kiss me goodbye before going to work like he always does. I fell asleep but some time later, I was woken up again and Alex told me he took a personal day because it was too cold to go to work (if I remember correctly, it was about -20 without the wind shield. It's cold but we've been having this type of weather since January, this winter sucked for us). He also bought breakfast and asked me to get out of bed and eat it with him.

I am one of those people who need my sleep and if I lack sleep, I will be miserable for the rest of the day (I used to fall asleep during my university lectures when I stayed up late studying the night before). I mumbled that I'd come before falling back asleep.

He came back a bit later (felt like hours later but it must've been minutes) to tell me that breakfast was getting cold. I mumbled that I'll get out of bed but remained flopped on our bed. I gave myself 2 minutes more of rest before dragging myself to the kitchen.

As we were eating the delicious breakfast, Alex asked what I wanted to do since it would be a 3 day weekend. "We can do anything and go anywhere," I remember him saying. I was half awake and focused on munching my breakfast without falling asleep {zzz}°°°( -_-)>c[_]. He then said that we've been just about everywhere though and started listing all the places we've been. He suggested Hong Kong as a joke before asking, "What about California?" I brightened a bit and said it would be a good place, nice weather and it had Disneyland. I've never been there but Alex had with his SAE Formula team  back in university (they build a race car and then compete with other universities. Here's a video of their car and Alex driving it, he was one of their drivers as well as engineers.). "Or Orlando" I quipped and Alex asked what was special about Orlando. I said they had Disney World there with four theme parks instead of one.

"Speaking of Disney, I think we have something in the mail from them," Alex oh so casually mentioned (it was really casual, I realized it came off as a bit sarcastic). I glanced at our small pile of letters and the first one was from the bank, addressed to my sister at the wrong address. I dismissed it immediately and told Alex it must've been a mistake since the first letter belonged to my sister, the post woman must've made a mistake and put my family's letters in our mailbox (our addresses are right to each other because my parents own a duplex and Alex and I live in the smaller unit). My family had also planned on doing to Disney this year so I thought it must've been the free brochures.

"Why don't you have a look?" I really didn't see the point at that time since I was convinced it was information packages for my family but I humoured him. There were two envelopes from Disney and both were addressed to Alex, which I told him. He told me to open them, which I did.

I don't remember which one I opened first but it was the one that congratulated us on having an adventure or something like that. It detailed how to get on the Disney buses that will take us to our Disney resort when we got out of the airport. That was all in the first sentence and I stared at it uncomprehendingly for a few seconds. I looked at Alex and asked him if this was a joke. He denied it and had a big smile on his face.

At this point, I'm realizing that we're doing to Disney(?) and I started to feel a bit overwhelmed and my eyes were tearing up. I whispered, "We're going to Disney World? You're taking me to Disney World?" It was a bit pathetic and embarrassing thinking about it now but I was so shocked and just overcome with emotion (*〇□〇)……!. No one's ever done this sort of this for me ever. It's something you see out of a movie, you love the idea but don't actually believe it's ever going to happen to you.

Now the bombshell. As I was getting very emotional over this Disney trip, Alex says to me, "It's been 8 years, 8 months and 8 days since we've been together...so I can't think of a better time to ask." (walks around kitchen table as he's talking, gets down on one knee, takes out ring box and opens it) "Will you marry me?"

Open the floodgates, I was sobbing at this point and a total mess. I couldn't speak but just kept nodding before I finally managed to choke out a "Yes! Yes!" He put the ring on my ring finger before we kissed and hugged, while I sobbed like a baby. Did I mention that my hair was all over the place, I was feeling less than fresh as a daisy and hasn't brushed my teeth yet? But it felt perfect and it was.

In short, I can't keep calm.

Our flight was at 3:40 PM and the rest of the day was just a flurry of activity. All this happened from 7 AM to 7:45 AM-ish? I told my family, two best friends and Alex's mom about what happened that morning. Everyone I told already knew about the Disney trip and proposal (except for one of my best friends) but no one was sure when Alex was going to propose. He didn't even know if he was going to do it before the trip or during. My best friend knew about everything and she had helped Alex choose the ring while my other friend only knew that he was going to propose but not when. I barely had enough time to pack.

We had arrived at our resort, which was called Caribbean Beach Resort at around 12:30 AM. Our room was located in Trinidad South which was at the furthest end of the main entrance. Alex had also bought the Disney Bands. It's a bracelet with a chip in the middle and your room opens when the door reads the band. Our Disney passes were also in it. Alex had bought the park hopper pass so we could go from one park to another. 

Resort Map

Back of our Building

Our Room

Pirate Ship Beds!

Our room was decorated to suit the Caribbean feel our resort so the beds were in the shape of pirate ships! They even had a mast and the lights were made to look like lanterns. The beds/ships even had cannons in case your neighbour tried to steal your ship!

Little Towel Mickey Mouse 

The small cover at the foot of the beds had gold coins, pearls and jewels on it. A pirate's dream come true!
Table By the Entrance (Compass)

Mirror & Sink Outside Bathroom

Disney Soaps


The doorway leading to the sinks and bathroom is open but if you'd like a bit of privacy, you can close the curtains, revealing the skull and swords from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Flying Dutchman Etching on Shower Wall

The only special thing about the bathroom is this really beautiful etching of The Flying Dutchman on the show wall. I loved running my hands over it while I showered (don't judge me).

Disney Shampoo & Conditioner

Disney, being Disney had to make sure that all little details were considered so their shampoo bottles even have little Mickey House heads on them. 

Barrel Fridge

Glasses & Coasters

Crate Drawers

Treasure Chest Trunk

Picture of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

 The following day, we woke up early and by 8 AM, we were in the Magic Kingdom. It's been almost 7 years since I've last come to Disney World and it brought back so many happy memories. The whole trip, I couldn't believe that Alex had done all this for me. I still can't believe it now and it's almost been a month.

Magic Castle

Of course, we had to take a picture in front of the Magic Castle! I just wish that big ugly crane wasn't there. 


All four Disney parks were doing a lot of major renovations so some sections of the parks were sealed off and we had to take detours. It was a bit of a bummer but at least there wasn't many people!

The Haunted Mansion Looking Less Spooky in Daylight

There was no line for the Haunted Mansion! We were in right away and there wasn't a line up for Space Mountain either! I used be so terrified of The Haunted Mansion, the supernatural has always scared me. Even back in 2012 when Alex and I went to Tokyo Disney, I was too scared to look at the displays, I'm such a baby. But I guess I got over that fear a little because I went through the whole ride being frightened!

It's so cuuuuuute!

Browsing in one of the shops, I stumbled upon this adorable Jack Skellington plush! It's so adorable! It was also very soft and the perfect size for carrying around with you! But miracle of miracles, I didn't buy it! Alex even encouraged me to buy it since it obviously brought a huge smile to my face but I told him I wanted to see if there were even cuter plush available. I never found it again, haha. It's just as well since I need to sell more of my collection.

Before leaving, we stopped by all the stores on Main Street USA and I fooled around with some of the hats they had.

We were on our way to Hollywood Studios later that afternoon because Alex had made dinner reservations at 50's Diner Café which was located in that theme park. But we had gone on most of the rides we wanted to go on since the line-ups were pretty short and we got Fast Passes for the ones with a long wait. The only one we didn't get to go on was the Seven Dwarves Mine Train or something like that. It's a new roller coaster, the wait was pretty long and all the FP were gone.

We also skipped the parades because we only had 2 days of access to the Disney Parks so we wanted to do as much as possible!

That's the end of this post! If I continued writing about the rest of the day and the following day, this entry would never end.

Of course, you're probably all wondering what my ring looks like! I wouldn't be so mean as to leave your curiosity unsatisfied so here it is!

The Ring

Alex took this picture when we got home from dinner the Tuesday we came back. We also got two of those adorable pins when we checked into our hotel. Disney already knew we were celebrating an engagement, thanks to Alex so we were congratulated by strangers all weekend.

One last thing, as I have a wedding to pay for now more kawaii will be listed in my shop in the upcoming weeks. If there's anything you see on my blog/tumblr/Facebook page that hasn't been listed, shoot me a message and we'll work something out!

These two Adorable Kumas are available (although I'm reluctant to let them go)!