Thursday, May 27, 2010

foodie post

there is nothing i enjoy more than delicious grub. i mean, no matter how bad your day was, how can you be upset after eating something that'll fire up your taste buds and melt your problems away. food honestly makes everything better, not that i'm an emotional eater, far from it. i actually can't bring myself to eat a pack of 4 extra chocolately and crispy pocky for fear of gaining weight (yeah, i'm neurotic that way. whos' heard of a foodie who's afraid to eat too much?).

back to my main point, which is; food is awesome. i find myself (mostly at work) surfing, checking out the most interesting restaurants i can find and then desperately trying to find someone who will a)be willing to spend money on overpriced food b)come with me and c)willing to travel the distance to eat with me. of course, i enjoy the company as well.

a is a big problem because i love fine dinning. the food, the decor and the service just makes you feel like you're royalty. which is what they're supposed to make you feel like, if they know anything about fine dinning. i honestly don't mind shelling out over $30 for a main dish let alone all the trimmings, complete with appetizers (foie gras anyone?) and plus dessert sometimes (99.99% of the time, i'm too full by dessert anyway). but most of my friends do mind, which sucks so i usually have to wait for some special occasion (like our anniversary, which is coming up!) to go with my boyfriend. but because this only happens once a year, it can be problematic since the foodaholic in me, can't WAIT once a year for this!

but i do have a friend who such a foodie like me and she won't mind shelling out over $50 for a good meal. but she's kind of broke so it doesn't happen very often. i sometimes wonder if i should bring my sister (who is broke) and then pay for her but then it wouldn't seem very fair to my brother, so i'd have to bring him along too so it'd be quite a bill.

but my foodie fix will be satisfied tomorrow, when i head over to La Cantine with my boyfriend tomorrow to celebrate his birthday. it's not a fancy restaurant but they serve wacky and delicious food there. i can't wait!
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