Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pokemon love

my love and obsession for pokemon has been renewed and it's all this post. so immense is my love for this old school game, i went on ebay and actually checked out what plushies they had for sale (by pokemon center, obvs) AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH THREE OF THEM! i must have them! i previously bought a wooper one because it was kind of cute and then my dog bite off one of its arms....but it has character now.

i used to have a pikachu one (because which kid didn't), a snorlax, charizard, and...CLEFAIRY!!!! except i have clue where the hell why went. probably donated like all my other awesome stuff which i didn't mean to donate. i hate it when that happens. actually, it only happened once. i was so tired of having so much shit, that i just decided to screw looking through all the garbage bags of goodies (i litereally had like 10) and just gave it all away. and as a way to torment me, i'm suddently remembering all this shit that i DIDN'T want to donate. life is so cruel.

thank god, i still my squirtle, even though i don't like squirtle at all. an ugly pokemon is still a pokemon and since i love pokemon, i must tolerate squirtle.

i actually placed a bid on of the ebay plushies BUT i won't say which one, in case someone actually reads this and is a pokemon fan and happens to like the same plushie and OUTBIDS ME!

.....i think i'm going to go ferret my old pokemon games out and play them now.

<3 fire pokemon JUST LOVE THEM!

[EDIT] May 14th, 2010

I WON THE BID!!!!! WOOOOO! It's this one! except i didn't pay 30 bucks for it. i paid 10. =D


Tammy said...

Hehehe I finished playing diamond awhile ago and started on ranger.. it's horrible but it's amusing. Plushies?? I have a pikachu and I have a few mini figurines hehe. AHHAHHAHHHHHHHHH these plushies are freaking adorable!!