Tuesday, May 11, 2010

now available for rent

so i've been thinking what kind of blog this could be, because i already keep a journal so there's no point writing the same twice. plus, i don't have the time. i actually would rather update my journal more often than this. journals are fun to reread a few months later, only to realize what an idiot you were.

but blogs are fun too since it's much quicker to update them. imagine if i could write as fast as i typed? my journal entries (not the accounting ones. haha, accounting joke!....T_T) would take about 15 mins instead of 2 hours, especially since i write such detailed accounts of my day and feelings. sometimes, i feel bad for whoever would be rude enough to read my journal, except not really if they were reading my journal without my permission.

anyway, gong gong's house is finally rentable. i guess we could've just rented it the way it was, but it was filthy and hadn't been cleaned in over 20 years. it looks much much nicer now, with a fresh coat of paint and new floors. although, i think we're stupid to be doing so much work on renting property, just a little. hopefully, we'll get good tenants.

someone called today and was asking about the property. they're only two people, some guy and his mom. so far so good...BUT they have a dog. a labrador. a big dog. not that i have anything against dogs, because i LOVE dogs, but pets are dirty and we don't have to have to work more than we have to when the tenant leaves. apparently, he's very well behaved (the dog, not the guy. although i hope he is too) etc etc etc. but we'll see. but i'm glad that people are calling, it's only been a day since i posted it up on kijiji so it's working!

i should also fix my layout. it's been looking like a work-in-progress for the past two weeks. i wish photobucket wasn't blogged on this computer, otherwise i'd spiff it up right now.


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