Friday, October 28, 2011

procrasinating post

My midterms are over and there's only one thing preventing from feeling totally free, my stupid, long, tedious, and nearly impossible International Business project!!! I honestly hate this paper, and the fact that it's all I've been thinking about since my last midterm last Thursday, ANNOYS ME! Our project is to pick a company that basically open it in another country. Doesn't sound too hard, right? WRONG! We have to make the project as real as possible, or as my professor as countless times, "I want to read it and think, 'Oh yeah, let's do this tomorrow.' " Except, how the hell do we find information on how a country treats foreign investment? How are we supposed to find out what the tax rate for foreign companies is? This doesn't help that the majority of my teammates don't seem to be really into the project. On a brighter note, I was a contest winner for some adorable paper gnomes! I've never won anything in my life before! I haven't had any time to print them out and make them yet but this is what it's going to look like.

Image taken from Cutesypoo Toys.Adorable gnomies! Thank you Jocelyn!

And you should totally check her website because she makes super adorable handmade plushes, including the little gnomies themselves!

She even made a special Halloween gnome! Evil yet cute! They're available at her etsy

Image taken from Cutesypoo Toys
And in even brighter news, my arpakassos finally arrived! I was just complaining about it taking forever to my sister on Tuesday and within 15 minutes of me getting home, the doorbell ran! I practically ran to the door and signed the paper and got them! I took some pictures but will be taking more when I'm not so busy.

LOVE THEM AND BE JEALOUS! I've ordered more and I can't wait to get them!

I better get back to writing this awful paper. Happy Friday everyone! And here's a funny picture to make you smile (or not).


Vermillion said...

Oh wow, those gnomes are cute. Congrats on winning~ I used to be into papercraft, but recently I got a new desktop and my laser printer isn't compatable with Windows 7 lol :(

Alpaca paaaarty 8D Can I ask if they were expensive? I want a medium sized one but they seem a bit pricey lol. Please spam with more photos.

And good luck with your project! Reminds me of when I studied Economics XD