Tuesday, October 11, 2011

halloween kawaii overload

I trotted back home today after writing my International Business midterm (it went ok, could've been better. A lot of bullshitting on my part actually) and to my utter squeetastic delight, I found a HUGE package waiting for me.

I've been waiting for this package for 3 weeks and it's finally arrived!!! Here are the contents.

Three tiny usazukin keychain plushes.

Large usazukin plushes with an adorable baby pumpkin.

Display of all the usazukins that I purchased. They're my first usazukins!

Halloween Kapibarasan set, all frolicking around the tiny pumpkin patch.

Adorable (but tiny, I expected it to be way bigger) Kapibarasan tote with two fruit kapibarasan keychain plushes.

Devil usazukin with devil HK, guarding dem kit kats.
Be jealous. Baby pumpkins were not part of the my super duper kawaii package, they were gifts from Alex's mom.


Vermillion said...

oooooooooooooomg they're all so cute ;o;

Vyvy said...

I want these!! toooo cute~!!