Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! All the best for the new upcoming year!

I know my promised in my last post that I would upload pictures of my Christmas presents but...I never got around to taking pictures of them since the sun would've already set when I got home from work and the pictures look like crap with artificial light and I'm not pro enough to make them look good with artificial lights. And...I was also lazy. BUT, next post will have them! I won't say I promise because it didn't work so well last time I promised that.

With the New Year, comes New Year's Resolutions. I stopped making resolutions a few years back because I would make them because everyone else was, having no intention of sticking to them. But this year, I'm going to make some resolutions and stick to them (as hard and impossible as they might be).

My resolutions for 2012 are;

Stop spending so much money on kawaii goodies
Lose the 10 pounds that I gained over the summer and have been carrying around since
Get at least two more As before I graduate
Stop being such a hermit and hang out with friends more
Exercise more aka do some yoga

Despite my first resolution, I've just spent about $150 on kawaii goodies, including the Pusheen plush and the platypus (+ many others) BUT I ordered and paid for these BEFORE the New Year so technically, they don't count. Losing the 10 pounds shouldn't be that bad, if I can break the habit of thinking, "I'll start tomorrow, tonight's good is too good to not eat a lot" mentality. And I'm proud to say that I broke the cycle on the 1st! It was so hard, I had to practically force myself to stop eating but I felt so good afterwards. The hermit thing shouldn't be too hard...I usually just prefer to go home and relax right away or just go spend time with Alex but I feel like I've been putting my friends aside for him. I love him but I love my friends also, and I find I see Alex all the time and friends, not so much. That's got to change a bit. I mean, who am I going to bitch to when Alex is being an asshole? Certainly not Alex. Finally, the exercise thing, twice a week of kickboxing is amazing but I'd also like something to balance all the angry intensive-ness of it, like yoga. So I'm going to do yoga at least twice a week, which bumps up my work out days to 4.

If all goes well, my life for 2012 should be like this:

Except there should be an Asian person in the partying with friends picture...

Unfortunately, I've started school today. Yup, school's started, my break was over before it even started. I'd honestly rather have one extra week off and finish one week later. We finish classes and exams end of the April and we don't start until September, that's 4 months off. It's not enough time for you to get a full-time job, because who's going to hire you full-time for 4 months before you fly back to school and most summer jobs don't start until June, so you have 2 months of sheer boredom. Or you can travel like I'm going to do this summer but most people don't have enough money to travel for 4 months, like me.

Anyway, I was in class today (accounting information systems, that'll give you an idea of how class was) and this was the summary of it:

For 2.5 hours, good thing I only had one class.

A new year also means a new agenda! This year, I'm going to use one of my kapibarasan agendas that I purchased in July or August. I couldn't decide between the pink one and the brown one so I picked the first one I grabbed and I'll use the other one next year.

I grabbed the brown one!


ねこちゃん said...

Happy New Year to you too!! hahaha I hope you'll never stop spending money on kawaii goods!! I love to look at all your cute gadgets! love the sponge bob gif :D