Sunday, January 08, 2012

update about rilakkuma online shop

After consulting my sister and Alex about what to do about the Rilakkuma Dragon Plushes, I filed a dispute after I updated my post, despite sending an e-mail that gave them 5 days to respond as a last chance to explain what happened with my order. My sister's logic was that I had already given them a last chance by asking on their facebook page and they responded by deleting and blocking me from their page. She said that they didn't deserve any more chances and Alex agreed. So I opened up a dispute, which was immediately rejected because the transaction had occurred over 45 days ago.

All that to

But I refuse to give up.

Bring it on, Paypal and Rilakkuma Online Shop!

After a day of obsessively researching on google about how to open a dispute with Paypal after 45 days, I decided to call Paypal's help line as most people have suggested. I called them and explained my situation, telling the operator that I had paid for a pre-order back in August. The items were supposed to have arrived in December and they did because of what they posted on their website. I also explained the whole facebook fiasco.

And guess what? The operator told me that they would open up my dispute! He said that because it was my first time opening a dispute, they'll do it "out of courtesy" but out of pity or whatever, I don't care! Rilakkuma Online Shop is going to see that this type of treatment towards their customers is unacceptable!


Basically, the operator explained to me, Rilakkuma Online Shop has 10 days to respond by telling me that they either shipped out the goods or they are going to issue me a refund. If there's not response by the 11th day, Paypal will automatically refund me. And since those plushes are sold out everywhere, they'll be issuing me a refund regardless.

So far, there hasn't been a response from them yet and I honestly don't expect them to, they've been doing such a good job of keeping silent, I think they're just going to continue until the 10 days are up. I should have the result of the outcome by January 15h, 2012.

I asked my sister is she could comment on their facebook page so that I could get proof that they were deleting comments and she did.

My sister's comment on their FB page.

Not surprisingly, they deleted her comment as well. Wow, just wow. I didn't think businesses do that but I guess not everyone has common sense. They also prevented her from adding further comments onto their facebook page as well.

I also posted a warning on my flickr photostream and I received a lot of support and I received a lot of views, which is good. I got comments from people thanking me for warning them and that they were planning on buying from this shop but no longer. At least people know now and I'm thankful for the support that I've been receiving from my flickr friends and my family for this whole ordeal.

The warning I posted on my flickr.

I also learned that if Paypal couldn't do anything for me, I can call my credit card company, explain to them what happened and they'll do a charge back. This is useful to know for the future. I also forgot to mention that the Paypal operator told me that for pre-orders, I should always open a dispute within the 45 days even if the business is legitimate. He said that this way, if there was ever a problem, I could always get my money back and it would keep the company on its toes. If everything went smoothly, I could always cancel the dispute.

All that there's left to do now is to wait to get my refund back.