Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I'm making a post about this, not only because I am extremely pissed, but I believe that NO BODY deserves to be cheated, least of all, by a "reputable" online shop.

Back in August, a flickr friend of mine posted a picture of some Dragon Rilakkuma-themed plushes and I thought that they were pretty cute, despite being Rilakkuma (not a fan), plus I was born in the Year of the Dragon and after some inquiry, I decided to go ahead and order from this site. And, like any good shopper, I asked my friend if they were reliable and she said that they were, based on their facebook page.

This online shop is called Rilakkuma Online Shop and it's based in Hong Kong. Here's it's website, which is in Chinese but Google Chrome translates it pretty well so you can navigate.

They specialize in obviously, Rilakkuma and they boast that they can get you just about any Rilakkuma item that you want for a reasonable price.

I ordered Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma.

I ordered and paid for these plush on August 30, 2011. The following pictures are proof with some text shaded out for privacy purposes.

First e-mail I sent to them, to order the items.

Their reply with how much I owe them

Paypal confirmation that bill was paid.

Paypal invoice details

Everything was paid for and all I had to go was wait for them to get the items in stock, which was around December. I don't remember if I read this on the site or what but I remember that it was supposed to arrive in December. December rolled around and I completely forgot about it because of school and work but when I did, I decided to e-mail my flickr friend to see if she got hers first.

My email to her at the bottom and her response to mine.

When she received them.

Not only did they fail to e-mail me about my plushes, Veronica has problems with them too, she ordered another plush from them and hasn't received it. However, I don't know how long ago that was or if the plush has already be shipped out to other people.

Turns out that Veronica has issues with them as well.

Like any other normal person with a problem with their items, I e-mailed the store.

Automatic confirmation e-mail. Notice how the date is the same.

After waiting a week and still receiving no response, and I know for a fact that they received it, since I received a confirmation e-mail saying that they got it, I decided to try another method. They have a facebook page so I liked their page and commented on a picture of the dragon plushies saying that I preordered and paid these in August and sent them an e-mail about a week ago and I haven't received any response from them. I might've mentioned that a friend of mine received hers 3 weeks ago but I can't remember. I asked them what was the status of my order. Nothing rude or threatening right?

And do you know what they did? THEY DELETED MY COMMENT! To add insult to injury, they disabled me from making any more comments on their facebook page!

Disabled comments on my normal FB page, you can see my last name near the top right.

I decided to see if they had really disabled my comments or they just disabled everyone's comments, even though it was pretty clear that other people were able to post comments on their pictures. I logged onto my other facebook account and sure enough, I was right, they had disabled my comments AND deleted my comment. In my other facebook, I can still post comments on their page.

My other facebook, which as you can see, is able to post comments.

This is really interesting, why would they go through all that trouble to delete my comment and to disable my commenting privilege? If they were concerned about their reputation (they better be after I publish this), then they should've dealt with it in a professional way. This remind you of anyone (Michelle Phan perhaps?). I've shopped a lot online and I've seen many stores that when they see a negative comment, they'll respond to it in a polite manner and try to reach an agreement with their customers. That's how you're supposed to do it after all, it's called professionalism (and damage control but let's not get technical). It's too bad I don't know how to write in Chinese on their wall so that other buyers will know.

To be on the safe side, I also checked their website and looked at the rules, terms and conditions. This is what googled translated for me.

Their terms and conditions for overseas buyers. Original here.

Notice how it says that there are no refunds unless the item is out of stock, well the item is out of stock now. You can check it out here. It wasn't when I preordered it, but they never sent me an e-mail about paying for shipping so technically, I should be entitled to a refund. It's not like I refused to pay for shipping, they never sent me a confirmation e-mail saying that my plushes have arrived.

Proof that both plushes are sold out now. This was taken today, January 4, 2012 @ 7:57 PM.

Here are their preorder rules. Original here.

Ironic how they say that the customer can "rest assured that waiting for notification," which I take it to mean that customers don't have to worry about not receiving a notification. I'm not sure how accurate the Google translate is but from the gist of what I'm reading, they're basically saying that they will contact the buyer once the item arrives and arrangements will be made to deliver the item to the buyer. And none of that happened for me, they didn't e-mail me telling me it had arrived. In fact, they're pretending that I don't exist.

So what we know so far about this Online Rilakkuma store is, they take your money, ignore your concerns, and try to silence you when you ask too many questions. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of the comment I posted on their FB yesterday since I never would've thought that they would stoop so low as to delete my comment, especially since they seem to be such a legitimate business! But since I know better now, I've been screen capping everything.

To give them one last chance (although they seriously don't deserve it), I wrote them another e-mail earlier today, telling them that I'm shocked and insulted that a business would react this way to such a normal inquiry and if they do not respond within 5 days, that I will open a dispute with paypal.

I doubt paypal will be able to do anything about it since it's been over 45 days since the transaction occurred but you never know.

I'm not expecting to get my $40 back since it's been such a long time since the transaction occurred but this is something I believe that people should know. Unfortunately, I'm not a popular or influential blogger so I doubt much will happen but I would appreciate it if people would spread the word about this place or even comment on their FB about what happened, see how many more comments they delete. More unfortunately-ness, they have a lot of likes on facebook so I doubt my input will make much of a difference, hopefully Paypal will just make them refund me and that's that.

But I doubt it.