Friday, June 29, 2012

Kawaii shopping in hong kong and typhoon warning

It's been so long since I last blogged! I wanted to make an entry or two while I was in Shanghai and the surrounding cities but I forgot that blogger (and fb) were blocked in China!

Alex and I took so many pictures but I can't show any right now because we also forgot that the plugs are different in Hong Kong so his laptop is almost dead and all the pictures are in his laptop. We're so unprepared -_-. So now I'm updating on my iPad and I have to say, it's not my preferred method.

While I was in Shanghai and other parts of China, I didn't see any kawaii. It wasn't until I came to Hong Kong yesterday that I started to see some kawaii. An old friend of mine, who we're staying with while we're in Hong Kong, brought us to a shop that sold Japanese goods near her house. I almost died from the amount of kawaii and they were cheaper here than anywhere else that I've seen (some of them anyway). Pictures will be uploaded in another post.

We did some more shopping today and we found some more kawaii! I obviously made some more purchases. We had supper with some other friends at a Japanese restaurant called Rakuen. It was so delicious. We're now back at Bert's apartment because there's a typhoon hitting Hong Kong tonight and it's a warning of 8. The worst is 10. There was a bit of rain and so pretty high winds when we left the restaurant at around 9. We can hear the wind howling outside. The typhoon is supposed to hit at around 11:30 tonight. Our first typhoon experience in Hong Kong! Or anywhere...

We're supposed to go to Ocean Park, an amusement park tomorrow. Hopefully, the typhoon would have passed. Hopefully, we would have also bought the right charger plug for Alex's laptop so that I can upload pictures.