Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i want this, and that and that too...(also selling rilakkuma iphone case)

I'm back from Cuba and while I should make a post about my awesome trip, I have to make to this one first. I've been wanting to make an updated post about my kawaii wishlist (old one can be found here) and I think it's about time that I did.

Ok, so the first item on the list is this super duper uber kawaii Tuxedo Sam plush. I've always loved Tuxedo Sam because who doesn't like an adorable penguin in a tuxedo!? He's got more class than most of the male population because he wears a TUXEDO! That's right, boys, you want class, wear a tuxedo. That's what real men do.


There's a tragic story that comes with his adorable Tuxedo Sam plush. My sister bought hers in Alberta where she's currently living and she came to visit during the summer (she's still here). She brought this too cute penguin with her and I fell in love with it. I've been plotting so many ways to steal it from her (replace it with a real blue penguin, pretend that Obi tore it apart, hope that she'll forget it when she leaves...etc) but none of them worked yet.

Anyway, so we went to Toronto about two weeks ago and I actually saw this EXTREMELY DESIRABLE plush for only $20! BUT I DIDN'T BUY IT!!!!! I had spent a lot of money on those Maneki-nekos and didn't want to spend any more money. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Ever since then, I've been in Regretsville crying and moaning over that plush. It doesn't help that my sister brought Tuxedo Sam to Cuba and it was constantly in my face (since our beds were right next to each other).

Next is another Tuxedo Sam plush but I actually ended up buying this one! I had found it on ebay and it was soooo cute but it was a bid (I hate bidding, I'd rather pay the highest price than have to deal with the stress of trying to win an item). There was only one other bidder and I did that really annoying but usually effective method of bidding at the last few seconds. I got it for pretty cheap too!

Picture is courtesy of the seller.

It's a vintage Tuxedo Sam plush from 1987 (before I was even born) and it looked like it was in pretty good condition. The tags are obviously gone but the official Sanrio smaller tag was still there, proving that it's genuine. I won and paid for it last night and it's already been shipped! Can't wait to get it!!

I also really want a Totoro bento box. It was weird because when I went to Japan, they had a some selections of bento boxes but none of the Totoro ones that I wanted. It was the same design that was sold everywhere and I wasn't too crazy about the look of it.

Not sure if I should get this one...

Or this one.

Although I have way too many iPhone cases (something that I promised myself that would never happen, huh), I desperately want this beautiful case!

Chirimen Goldfish Case

Not only does it totally upgrades your already sleek iPhone but it comes with a slot for you to put your cellphone charms! If there's one thing I don't like about the iPhone is that they don't have a slot for you to put your cellphone charms! HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DEPRIVE AN ASIAN OF THAT?!

Pink Version.

They also have the case in pink. I personally like the blue one better but it seems like everyone else I ask likes the pink better, even my sister's boyfriend. Do I just have weird tastes?

Oh, speaking of cellphone cases, I'm selling my rilakkuma sweets iPhone 4/4s case. I bought it because I thought it was adorable but then went to Japan and bought another case. It's never been used (I didn't even open it). It's a hard case and it'll make your iPhone really kawaii. It fits the iPhone 4 and the 4s. If anyone's interested, leave a comment with your contact details :)


Last but not least is this giant furry Pusheen plush! It's like 20" or something and so huge and cuddly! I love this but I can't justify paying $45 for it plus something like $15 shipping because I unfortunately (in this case) live above the American border.

I love you Pusheen.

I had the regular Pusheen plush on my previous wishlist and I ended up buying it but when it arrived, I was disappointed with it. The quality wasn't really that great, I mean it was still soft and cute but the stitches could be clearly seen and it looked a little deflated. It was as if not enough stuffing was put into it. I ended up selling it. When I have a bit of extra spending money, I might get it and hopefully, it won't disappoint this time.

So that's my kawaii wishlist for now, it'll probably change within a week or something since there's always so much kawaii and not enough money o(╥﹏╥)o. What's on your wishlist?