Friday, August 17, 2012

toronto mini haul

My family and I went on a day trip to Toronto on Tuesday. My dad also had some business there so it's like hitting two birds with one stone! It was a lot of fun and I obviously bought some things, as much as I tried to control myself, some things just cannot be left unclaimed.

Items that were calling my name.

The first item that I bought was this adorable Solar Bear mirror. Those of you who read this post will know how much I love Solar Bear and how impossible it is to find its products. I went to Japan and I didn't see any so you can imagine how I reacted when I saw it.


I mustered all the grace I could and politely while sweating bullets, anxious that someone was going to come and steal my mirror, told the store owner that I'm interested in the "bear" mirror when in my mind, I was screeching, "DIS IS MEINE!!!! GIMME GIMME!!!" I should be presented with a gold medal in keeping up appearances.

Yay! Now I can bring Solar Bear with me everywhere

My mom was buying a bunch of re-ment items for my sister and asked if I wanted anything. The actual re-ments that I wanted cost more than what she was getting my sister and I didn't want my mom to spend more on me so I choose this Mickey Mouse food one.

Mickey Mouse Re-ment Prize

I also bought this adorable puppy re-ment. Most of the possible outcomes were adorable so I decided to get one since the odds of getting an ugly one were lower. And guess what?


The stars must've been aligned again just like in this post when I bought my sleeping sheep!

My re-ment prize, the shiba inu!

My sister bought one also, and she was really happy with her prize. She opened her's first being the less patient one and she had gotten the adorable little Corgi wearing the police hat. That is, until she saw what I got.

Eeeee! Look at this face :D

Obi obviously tried to steal it.

I also bought a Japanese magazine that I fell in love with when I visited Hong Kong 5 years ago. It's called ViVi and they make a Hong Kong edition of it but the Japanese version is obviously better. It's also way more expensive though. The Japanese issues cost between $20 - $30 while the HK edition ranges from $10-$25 depending on how old the issue is. But I found this one for $9 at T&T Supermarket. I just look at the pictures anyway since I can't read a word of it (or character).

ViVi July 2012 Hong Kong Edition

Inside look about rainy day fashions

Last but not least, I purchased not one, but two Japanese ceramic lucky cats, also known as maneki-neko. My parents told me that they bought one and I wanted to check it out as well. I ended up buying one for my office in hopes that my kawaii selling, will improve and one for my room, for my personal life.

Golden Maneki-Neko

This one is for my office. The right paw is lifted signifying that the cat is pawing money towards me. The treasure chest means that it'll collect and keep all the money safe. The gold reinforces all the symbolism so it's super lucky if you want to look at it that way.

Back end

The eggplants mean that all my wishes will come true concerning my career and Mt. Fuji represents good money. So if this kitty does work, I'll be able to buy all the kawaii and clothes I want!!

This one is for my room. The eggplants mean the same as before as well as Mt. Fuji. The turtle represents longevity so that I'll live a long and healthy life while the cranes represent good relationships with friends.

Back end

The bag is pretty much the same concept as the golden one except that it's not meant for collecting money. The colourful bag is so that everything will be kept together meaning that all this amazingness will stay with me forever.

If both these kitties work, I'll pretty much have the perfect life! But they only work if I put money in them, and they both have to be facing a window so that the kitties can "rake" in the money, happiness, good health etc. Here's hoping!