Friday, October 05, 2012

halloween costume dilemma

First off, I want to thank everyone who had sent me comforting messages concerning Filly's passing. I really appreciate that you took the time to write them. It's still hard but every passing day, it gets a bit easier. Thank you.

Well, it's already October and with October comes Halloween! Unlike last year, I'm invited to a Halloween party this year! Not one, but two (my popularity must be increasing)!

But with Halloween parties always comes the Halloween costume. I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this problem (and I'm sure I'm not) but I have no idea what to be. The only problem with attending Halloween parties is there's always some pressure to dress up as something (or someone) totally cool.

The dreaded question.

Originally, I wanted to be a cat but it's not...original. Almost at every Halloween party, there's going to be a cat. The reason I wanted to dress up as a cat was because it's easy (just wear black, colour your nose and draw some whiskers) and I found some cute cat ears when I was in Japan. I found them on ebay (or something like them) and it's pretty cheap.

Picture courtesy of the seller.

Some of them even start at $0.01 with free shipping, like this one.

Some of them include a tail, collar and even cat paws but I'm not too crazy about the cat paws because it'll be such a pain to put them on and take them off the whole night.

There's been a lot of Halloween costume shops popping up these past few weeks with Halloween approaching and all. I've gone into some of them for some inspiration but there's one critical problem with all the costumes for women. They're all so revealing.

Now, I understand the point of Halloween is to be something you're not but maybe I just want to be a cow and not a provocative cow who wants every guy (not only bulls) to have my baby cows.

This isn't that bad...


Compared to this...-douses eyes with bleach-

Not that it's a bad thing if you want to go as a semi-nudist -insert whatever here-. I just think that Halloween costume companies should have a more variety of costumes when it comes to the level of nakedness in a woman's Halloween costume, for those of us who aren't so keen (or confident) on displaying our body to the world.

It seems like costumes need to be really short and/or tight, so that you'll obtain maximum cleavage to the point where your girls are just dying to get out and show the world just how wonderful they are.

I'm sure Hermione's uniform wasn't like that...

Different combinations of requirements for female Halloween costumes.

What is this? I don't even...

Not even Hello Kitty is safe...although it's a bit more tame than other costumes that I've seen, but still.

Sexy Hello Kitty costume,

Sexy Chococat costume.

The worse part is I actually like some of these revealing costumes. I like the way it looks but I would never be able to wear something like that because I'm not comfortable with exposing so much skin. But what I'd really like to be is something that would use masquerade masks. I saw some at one of the Halloween stores and I fell in love with them, they're so beautiful!

Unfortunately, I tried one of these one and it made me look cross-eyed.

But I looked a lot better when wearing of these for some reason.

The only thing that I can think of I can dress up as that uses these beautiful masks is a masquerade ballroom dancer but those costumes require a lot of time and/or money, both of which I don't have. I would honestly much rather be something that uses those masks than a cat but if worst comes to worst...I can be a masquerading cat and get the dreaded question at both my Halloween parties.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? More importantly, what I should I go as? Suggestions are more than welcome!


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