Tuesday, October 23, 2012

latest arpakasso + strapya world goodies

I received these goodies in the mail about three weeks ago and with everything that's been going on, I haven't had the time to blog about them yet.

The first order of business is these adorable accessories that I bought for my iPhone. I've had my eye on them since they first came out back in the summer but I was really really really trying to be a big girl and save money. Luckily, Strapya World was having this great coupon code worth 30% off your order and I was saving quite a bit (more than the shipping cost) so I bought them.

Strapya goodies.

Although I have so many iphone cases (too many in fact, trying to sell some of them), I couldn't resist this one. It has these adorable koi fish all around and the fabric is awesome! They also have something that I've been dying to find on a nice case for a long time, CELLPHONE CHARM SLOT!!!!! Finally, I can now put some uber adorable kawaiiness on my phone.

The slot where I can put phone charms.

These two cat plugs are SO ADORABLE! Their official name is Niconico Nekomura. There's an interesting story behind the creation of these little kitty plugs. Otako Nekomura, a mangaka who is obsessed with kittens, posted on Twitter a simple sketch of the cat plugs. A manufacturer found it and decided to make them based on her sketch.

Cute kitty plugs


Actually, it was more like this but I don't know what it says since I can't read Japanese but you can imagine the gist of it.

There's a bunch of different designs but these two were my favourite. I was thinking about buying the whole set but then thought to myself that I didn't need so many plugs and the other ones were cute but weren't to die for kind of cute.

But there's one that I found hilarious.



The next package is an arpakasso package. I haven't really gotten any new arpakassos in a while (except when I was in Japan, which I'll blog about soon, I promise!). It was pretty exciting and this was the package that I was most anxious to get.

It arrived in about a week, so fast! When I ripped open the package, it was like there was an angelic choir singing in the background and the light was shining on the contents. Almost.

Arpakasso goods.

There hasn't been any arpakassos that I've been dying to get lately. I don't like the new Starbucks/cafe series and I didn't like the star tiara-wearing ones either so I haven't been looking for any to buy. To be honest, I think I fell out of the loop when it concerned arpakassos just because they stopped making really cute ones. My favourite series are the cotton candy ones (omg, can't even begin to love those enough) and after that, there hasn't really been anything that I really really wanted. The pirate baby arpakassos were kind of cute but not,"OMG I'm going to diiiiiiiiiiie if I don't have them!" I actually won two of them while I was in Japan just for fun :D

But, when I laid my cute arpakasso deprived eyes on this set, I almost fainted. They're SO CUTE! The series is called Arpakasso Kidz (yup, with a "Z") and the babies have finally grown up, even though they still look like babies, so they can now stand on all fours instead of lying on their stomachs all the time like a seal. They're also each holding a piece of candy, since all kidz like candy! I chose the beige one, who is my always, if not usually, my favourite out of all the baby arpakassos.

Beige Candy Arpakasso Kids. The newest addition to my arpakasso family!

Even though I had already placed my order for my kitten plugs, being a smart buyer, I also bought an arpakasso plug! My first choice was all sold out (boo, but that just proves I have good taste ;))

Picture curtesy of the seller.

Arpakasso plug.

Again, even though I had just placed an order for yet another cellphone case, not only did I buy one but TWO arpakasso cellphone cases! I couldn't resist the kawaii arpakasso iphone case designs. Not only that, I couldn't decide between two of them so I bought both!

Check these two babies out.

I like this one a lot better than the other one.

I'm actually thinking of selling this one...

The back of the box of both cases.

Now I can totally pimp out my iphone with my endless iphone accessories. I can totally arpakasso-ify my iphone if I liked, with my arpakasso case and plugs.

The last item I bought from the arpakasso seller is this tiny little strap. It doesn't look like the usual arpakassos but it's cute nonetheless. The feel of it is pretty cool, really squishy but a little rough at the time.

Itty bitty Arpakasso strap.

Last but not least is the awesome freebies that she included! It's not the arpakassos by Amuse but they're still arpakassos and an adorable Hello Kitty pen. The arpakassos are actually from the same collection as that funny looking pink alpaca plush that I bought.

Everyone loves freebies!

If anyone is interested in buying arpakassos, other than buying from myself, I would highly suggest you buy it from Wendy, the person I bought all these arpakasso goodies from. She's very nice and extremely patient, shipping is really fast (I received mine in a week) and she responds to her e-mails very quickly.