Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mod cloth order and halloween costume dilemma solved

I had placed an order with Mod Cloth about 2 weeks ago and their website said that it would take about 7 days for packages to Canada to arrive. Every day, for the past 2 weeks, I would expect the package to be there when I got home, but it never was. I would always envision a package, sitting on my desk while I would run to it, with huge and excited eyes, before ripping the package to shreds, revealing all the gloriousness that is my order.

It arrived when I least expected it. It arrived on a Wednesday, along with a package from a friend from Japan. My mom actually called and asked me if she could open the package from my friend and I gave her my consent. She didn't mention the Mod Cloth box at all.

That night, my brother and I finished kickboxing about 15 minutes later than usual (our instructor got carried away making people spar in the ring). My brother tells me at we were packing up our stuff that my parents were picking us up that night since my dad was doing overtime. My locker was a 5-10 minute walk away from the gym so I rushed there and back, adding more sweat to my already soaking self (paints such an attractive picture).

When I had arrived home, I was tired and was looking forward to a glorious and epic shower. I walked into my room and what do I see? A glowing light shining on a package from Mod Cloth! Forgetting all about how sweaty and disgusting I was, I ripped open the package and admired my long awaited goodies.

Amazingness from Mod Cloth.

I wanted to get this cute bat bag since Mod Cloth first put it up for sale but it sold out really fast. I was also a little hesitant about getting it since it was tiny (and I love big bags, I carry everything in them) but there are days when I don't feel like carrying a huge bag, only my wallet, keys and phone. When I got the notice that this bag was back in stock, I didn't hesitate adding it to my cart.

The official name is Baby Got Bat Bag, cute isn't it?

As I mentioned, it's a pretty small bag but it's the perfect size for just putting your wallet, keys and maybe even your phone in. The feel is faux leather and the stitching seems pretty resilient. I'm looking forward to using it!

This will give you a better idea of it's size.

Cheer-io Up Lunch Bag by Shinzi Katoh.

I've wanted this bag the moment I saw it on Mod Cloth, unfortunately, I don't check Mod Cloth on a regular basis and it was sold out when I found it. This was back in July. I was anxiously waiting for it to come back in stock since and I had been harassing everyone I knew to ask Mod Cloth to restock it (they have a function where you can ask them to, and they do restocks based on demand). After waiting for MONTHS, it finally came back in stock and I ordered it without wasting any time.

Cute tag.

I'm extremely thrilled with this lunch bag. It's the perfect size for carrying your lunch around. One of the reasons that I wanted to get this bag is because it'll keep your food cold or warm. I've been looking for a lunch bag like that for a while but all the ones that I've seen weren't cute. Also, I love how the artist, Shinzi Katoh drew Paddington Bear. This lunch bag's perfect. I'm going to the envy of of the office (whenever I take out my lunch, hahahahahahahaha!).


Not only is the front super cute, Shinzi Katoh did a great job of designing the back of the bag as well.

Size of my vintage Tuxedo Sam plush.

To give you a better idea of the size of the lunch bag, I'm going to put on my plushes inside it. I used my vintage Tuxedo Sam plush that I won on eBay about two months ago. As you can see, it's pretty big.

Tuxedo Sam all nice and snug in my new lunch bag.

But it manages to fit into my lunch bag. Although, I can't zip it up, it went into without any problems. I didn't have to push it in or anything, it just fell in, smooth as butter.

You can buy these two adorable bags, as well as a whole slew of other awesome goodies, at Mod Cloth.

On a unrelated note, remember that post I made where I was agonizing over what to dress up as Halloween? Well, after much more agonizing and whining, I finally decided what to dress up as!

My Venetian mask.

I decided that I'm going to go as a masquerader. I love these masks too much not to use them so last Monday, Alex and I went to a party store and I basically tried on so many different masks. The ones where you have to hold them are really nice but I didn't want to hold on my mask all night so I opted for the ones where you tie behind your head.

I love this one, especially the swan that's over your left eye. There was two other ones that have the same design but instead of the black glitter, one was silver and the other was gold. I loved the silver one too but it didn't have the rose attached to the feathers and it looked really cheap, especially since you could see their crappy glue work.

Close up.

I also received two super cute Halloween bows from my friend Cathy about a month ago. She makes beautiful bows and I couldn't resist these two. I think they're both called the Spooky Bow but they're anything but spooky! They're totally cute and the fabric is of excellent material.

Orange and Purple Spooky Bows with my Halloween White-san.

Aren't they adorable? I fell in love with the fabric design when I first saw it on her Instagram. I had no idea that she bought them for her bows. Obviously, when I found out, I had to place an order from her :). Her shipping was really fast and she included all these awesome goodies!

I'd have to say I like the purple one better. Love how the little ghost is right in the middle. But the orange one is more noticeable and it has more adorable ghosts all around.

You can buy adorable bows at Cathy's shop, Lunabowtique.

Happy Halloween from me and White-san!

Last but not least, Happy Halloween everybody! I hope that you'll have an awesome one, with loads of chocolates (omg, yum!). Unfortunately, I'll be stuck doing my assignment for my CMA program. I'd rather be kickboxing tonight but because of my bag time management (it's so hard to get back to doing homework after a nice long break >_<), I'm stuck analyzing the cost of alternatives for a company T_T. What are you Halloween plans?

Hope you get a lot of these!!