Wednesday, March 06, 2013

my only rilakkuma series + enherb collaboration

San-x is always coming out with new collections for their popular characters, so it's not surprising they already have another one for Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. It's called My Only Rilakkuma.

My Only Rilakkuma (and Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori).

I love the design and artwork for this collection, it's so pretty and it makes the bears look like classic teddy bears, which I guess is the point. Love the different shades of pink and softer colours.

Mini Memo Pads

Mini memo pads are so convenient, I always have one in each of my million of handbags, they're more useful than you'd think. Need to write down a name for a friend? Need to write down address? Those mini memos will save your life. My favourite is the first one.

Large Memos & Lettersets

I really like the first large memo but am not too crazy about the second one. But I'll probably end up getting both anyway. The first letterset design is the same as one of the small memo pads, which is why I love it.

Sticky Notes

Really cute but due to my hoarding tendencies, I would probably never use them because they're too cute to be actually used. So no thank you to these (as cute as they are).

Pencils, Pens & Stickers

I usually don't buy pencils and pens because I find they're ridiculously overpriced ($7 for a pencil? but then again, I will also spend the same amount of money for plush so...). I definitely don't buy pens because once they're used out, you have to throw them out but their design is so cute, so what do you do? Keep them even though they're useless ヽ(´ー`)┌

I might consider the stickers but I have so many at home, it's ridiculous. I keep saying I'll use them for scrapbooking but I haven't even developed my photos from my Asia trip.

Pencil Case

Eeeeee! Love the design, so cute and girly. But since I like to put a lot of crap into my pencil cases (you never know when you'll need that green pen...and the exacto knife), this might be a little small.

Make Up Pouch & Mini Wallet

Now this is more like it! The make up pouch is a perfect size for putting all my crap into. But I already have two of these (same size and everything), a Toromi one which I mentioned and a Rilakkuma Paris one. 

The wallet is so cute! Perfect for those occasions where you just want your IDs and credit cards. I'm on the fence about these two  「(゚ペ)?.

Mini Towels

Both are really cute and extremely simple. If little ladies were to use towels, these would be it. For once, I think I like the Rilakkuma design better than the Korilakkuma one.


It's too bad I have way too mugs at home or I'd consider these. It seems I have too much of everything    


Last but not least are the plushes! The artwork for this collection is amazing but the plush...not to much. They look extremely soft (and they probably are, San-x's plushes are uber soft) but their head looks like it's being squeezed by a really tight elastic. Safe to say I won't be getting these.

I'm really impressed with this collection and I will definitely be getting a few items. I might ask my friend Florence, who is visiting Japan in June to pick some these up for me and the shop. It's too bad they didn't include Kiiroitori in this collection, I'm curious to know how he'd turn out as a plush. Hopefully, not with a squeezed neck since he doesn't really have one but it'd still be nice to see.

Rilakkuma x enherb 

Rilakkuma also did a collaboration with enherb, which I'm guessing is a tea company in Japan. They've made three different kinds of tea that come in cute Rilakkuma containers.

Tea Containers

I like the Lemon & Mint one best, in terms of taste and container design.


It doesn't stop there, they've also made a specially designed thermos so all you tea drinkers can take Rilakkuma with you while you're having your daily nice and warm cup'o ( ´・ω・`)_且~. It also has a pretty nifty tea filter so you won't drink any of the tea leaves.

What do you think about the My Only Rilakkuma collection and the enherb collaboration?

All images taken from the official San-x website.


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