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packages from japan ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Package of Kawaii from Japan

Almost a month ago, a friend of mine sent me a message with the kanji for Nagomimakuri and told me that there were a few listings on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I love Nagomimakuri because not only is she extremely adorable, but this character has huge sentimental value to me.

When I was young, my family and I went on a road trip to Toronto. My maternal grandfather (Gong Gong in Chinese) lived with us so he came with us on all our family trips. I came across a tiny and super soft Nagomimakuri plush (of course, I didn't know what it was back then). I desperately wanted it  (as much as a child could desperately want something) and begged my parents for it. They refused because it was too expensive. I still remember it was $20.

A few hours later, I wanted to go back to the same store just to look at Nagomimakuri (talk about obsessive huh? I was even that when I was young!). Luckily, she was still there and as I prepared to say goodbye to her again, my mom comes up to me and said, "Gong Gong said he'll get it for you so hurry up and go pay for it."

Sure enough, Gong Gong was standing by the cash and he had the money in his hand for me. I happily paid for it and it's been with me ever since. Obviously, I had no idea it was a San-x character until a few years ago. I didn't even realize it was authentic. But I never forgot that it was Gong Gong who bought that for me. It was the only gift I could remember him buying for me, since he always gave ligh si (the red lucky envelopes) for every occasion.

Unfortunately, Gong Gong passed away after a short fight with cancer in November of 2009. But I was relieved that he didn't suffer anymore and felt blessed to have spent so much time with such an amazing man and to have had him in such a big part of my life. 

When I found out the name of the character (in English), I looked for it everywhere I could think of to see if I could get any more of Nago but she was discontinued in 2002. She hadn't been in production for very long either. When I did find plushes of her, she was ridiculously overpriced, around $100-200!

Unboxing Pic

I was so excited to see this box waiting for me when I got home on Monday afternoon!

Finally, more Nagomimakuris!

I got these two for about 800 yen each ($8.50 CAD Japan domestic shipping included) and they're big! Of course, I had to pay for shipping twice but it was still a really good price for them! Now, Gong Gong's Nagomimakuri won't be lonely  ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Personally, I like the fluffy glittery one better. But it's not soft! It's actually kind of scratchy, nice to look at but not to cuddle with. The other one is really soft and has the more traditional Nagomimakuri look, with the leaf and plain white/beige-ish tone. This one looks a little pink-ish though but I like variety.

Bisou ♡~(´ε` )

The glittery one is slightly bigger than the other one. Both of them didn't come with tags but I inspected the tag pictures thoroughly before I bid on them. They're both authentic.

Originally, it was just going to be the two Nagomimakuris but then I started surfing the official San-x online shop because it was around the same time the Horoscope Rilakkuma plushes came out and I was trying to decide whether I should get the Leo one (they were sold out anyway). 

Sumikko Gurashi Penguins/Kappas!

Instead, I bought these. Two of which are the penguins from the Sumikko Gurashi line, a plush and a coin purse. The last is a Sentimental Circus item.

Coin Purse's Inside Lining

Even the lining is adorable. It's pictures of the porc cutlet. I was surprised at how wide you can open the pouch. My hand looks gross in that picture. 

Tag on Coin Purse

Inside Tag

It also includes the story of the tapioca bubbles, so cute!

Waaaah, green/yellow tapioca bubble!

Attached to the zipper of the pouch is an adorable felt tapioca bubble! He looks so shy (/ω\)

Hur Hur

They're both so SOFT. I can't stop touching them (ew, creepy)! I wish I had blankets made out of their...fur (?). Maybe if I bought enough of them, then cut off their fur...

Large Plush Tag, tower of cuties!

Inside Tag.

Aww, he's being caught by the UFO catcher. Looks like the taopicas really like him.

Sumikko Gurashi Collection

So here's a picture of my collective Sumikko Gurashi plush collection. Can't you tell I like the penguin a lot? The reason I didn't buy too many of the polar bear even though he's one my favourites is because he's white. No, I'm not racist, it's because if he gets dirty, it'll clearly show! I wanted to get the coin purse of the bear but he's going to get dirty so easily ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Sentimental Circus Clock

Last but not least is this clock! When I saw this in Tamaya's catalogue months ago, I immediately pictured it in my room. But it was pretty expensive so and it was pretty heavy so shipping might be expensive, especially since the USPS increasing shipping costs now.

But the problem was solved when I decided to order from Japan. 

The clock itself is gorgeous. I love it! It looks way better in person than in pictures. I can't wait to bring it upstairs to my room. It also came with two batteries.

Close Up

The stars are actually shiny. I don't think it shows well in the picture. I love this! I get so happy and giddy every time I look at it!

This package from Japan arrived yesterday just as I was leaving to go downtown.

Small Package from Japan

Flan iPhone Cases

I couldn't make up my mind so I bought both. But now I'm thinking of selling the pink rabbit one. Would anyone be interested? I'm probably going to list it in my shop or you leave a message/-email with your contact info.

Cloudy Flan Bear iPhone Case

Sooo cute! I actually saw a lot of Flan plushes while I was in Hong Kong and Japan. They had so many different designs but none of them I really liked. There was one that I LOVED in Odaiba but I couldn't win it from the UFO catcher (ノдヽ)

Polka Dotted Pink Bunny Flan Case

I think the bunny is really cute but I also put my phone in a pouch so the ears might be too long and my phone won't fit into the pouch  (^~^;)ゞ


There were four different cases available and I bought the two I thought were cute. I like the other teddy bear one too but it reminded me too much prisoners' uniforms. The bear is cute in general.

Kitty Emoji Strap

Last is this adorable emoji strap with a kitty hood! Please ignore all the junk in the back, my desk is messy. The hood is actually semi-transparent and glittery.

Kitty Hood

I also love that the strap is turquoise, this is going to brighten up one of my bags.

Before I end this post, I have some exciting news to share with you.



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