Tuesday, April 30, 2013

25th birthday

Birthday Cake from my family

Saturday, April 27th, was my birthday. Guess how old I turned!!!! The title of this post makes it obvious and it's not a trick question....

I turned 25! I can't believe it. Even a close family friend (who is retired and living the life in Hong Kong, traveling every couple of months), sent me an e-mail starting with, "Good God, you're 25!" Yup, I can hardly believe it myself.

My day started by waking up early (8 AM is early for Saturday, especially since I went to bed at 1 AM). Alex was already awake and was bombarding me with apologies and questions while all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.

He kept apologizing for not getting me a birthday present and he kept asking me what I wanted. I was in a semi-comatic state and mumbled that it was alright and that I had already told him what I wanted (shoes, clothes, handbag, earrings...). He tells me that he can go pick it up that day and I told him he didn't have to since he needed to study and he can get me something after his finals. He insisted that he'd get it for me today with me telling him not to. This went on for a while until I was fully awake. Finally, he told me that he won't get it for me today....because he already had it.

As he said it, he reached under the bed and pulled out an Oglivy box...and dropped it on me. It was funny since he was so excited to present me his gift, I guess it slipped out of his hands. That definitely jolted me awake. Under all the folds of tissue paper lay....

MJ Natasha Nylon Bag!

The Marc Jacobs Natasha bag! I spotted this beauty when I went bag shopping with my good friend, Florence, about a month ago. She was a little torn between this one and the Longchamp but she got the Longchamp in the end.

Since I already had the Longchamp she wanted, I obviously favoured the MJ. I am so happy that not only did Alex got this for me but that he was able to get me a gift despite his busy schedule ♥‿♥.

Bwaaaaaa!!! 。゚(TヮT)゚。

The colour is called Rock Lobster. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a lobster with this colour before. It's uber light which is great for someone like me, who puts practically a whole store in their bag. You know, for those moments in case you need wet naps AND a flash light.

Coach Gift Card

Alex's parents also gave me a wonderful gift. I was talking to his mom about a week ago about how I needed to buy earrings because I get a disgusting allergic reaction to a lot of costume jewelry so I need to buy at least sterling silver ones. Then I told her about how I was surprised that Coach sold nice jewelry and I showed her their website and we were pointing out items that we liked.

True to her thoughtful self, she chose a Coach gift card for my birthday. She told me this way I would definitely choose something that I'd like. Alex's dad pipped out that Coach also had very nice purses. I was stunned, Alex's dad is a bit of a hermit and never ventures out of the house unless he has to. So the fact that he went to Coach with his wife to pick up my gift is really something. 

BCBG Dress

I had to go to a bridal shower last weekend and I couldn't find anything to wear. My mom, as a last resort, told me that my dad and her had bought me a dress for my birthday and asked if I would like it now. She showed me this beautiful dress and I was so excited to wear it to the bridal shower! It was light and very flowy.


The back has a clear mesh and what's amazing is your bra doesn't show! I wore those strapless bras (because it really annoys me when my bra straps show, takes away the effect of whatever you're wearing) and you couldn't see it at all.

Zelda Symphony Tickets

My brother and I had went to the Symphony of the Goddess show that celebrated The Legend of Zelda's 20th anniversary last year. It was awesome! My brother and I loved it and the music played by the orchestra was beautiful. It was also great to be in a hall filled with so many other Zelda fans. 

When my brother found out that they were coming again this year, we both had to go away. Alex and his brother will also be coming with us. As my birthday present, my brother bought me my ticket. 

My sister's gifts are on their way. Hopefully, they'll arrive soon!

I also did a birthday swap with a friend of mine from Flickr. When we found out we had the same birthday, we decided to do a kawaii birthday swap! I was super excited about this since having someone love kawaii as much as you do is much more special when you share the same birthday!

Ellie's super amazing swap for me!! (๑╹っ╹๑)

Is it not the BEST!? It arrived last Tuesday and it was taking a lot of self-restraint to only open it on Saturday. Alex watched me tear off package after package. I actually took a picture of it before I opened up everything but I forgot to upload it and now I'm too lazy. 

Ellie had every item beautifully wrapped for me in wrapping paper. When I was done unwrapping everything, my garbage can was full of paper and tissue.

Molang Journals

Has anyone else hard of this super cute chubby bunny? It's name is Molang and can you believe I don't have a plush of it yet? Surprisingly, I don't and I'm not sure if I will get one since I am really want to downsize my plush collection (hard to believe, right? Especially since all I blog about is my latest plush buys). 

As an almost equally kawaii substitute, I added these two journals on my wishpot.

Molang Stickers!

Both journals include some super awesome stickers! I didn't even open up the stickers yet but as you can see, there's a lot of different poses of Molang. The one where he's wearing the sunglasses reminds me of PSY.

Handmade Totoro Figures

I was extremely surprised that she picked these for me! They're beautifully handmade and hand painted Totoro figurines. They're also extremely weightless and I love the amount of detail the seller put into them.

Leaf on top of the white one's head



Feet & tail of the White

Bag of Blue

Alex loves them and he was equally as excited as I was when I unveiled these three treasures. He even squealed, "It's so cute!" I'm torn between putting them upstairs in my apartment or at work. What do you suggest?


You should all know that I absolutely love Sumikko Gurashi (I love mamegoma too but I would easily buy everything of sumikko gurashi while I can't say the same about mamegoma). So it's no surprise that I was extremely happy when I saw that she got these two large memo pads for me. 

The mamegoma pad is from one of the older series, one of my old favourites. I find it's a bit difficult to find these now so I was really grateful when she gave me this one from her old collection.

Sumikko Gurashi sticker sheets

These sticker sheets are of Sumikko Gurashi. Enough said. I'm probably never going to use them...EVER. Unless I get doubles, otherwise they're too precious to use.

Sticker Flake Packs!

The cat chef's stickers are kind of padded. I forgot what's the term they used but it's kind of lumpy. They look great on cards but it's a bit annoying when you put it on journals since that spot will be hard to write over. But I've been trying to get the chef cat for a while so again, I'm grateful she gave it to me when she could've sold it. It's from her old collection as well.

The dog one is sooo cute! Any sticker packages that has dogs on them, I'm all over. 

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

This book is amazing! The artwork is beautiful and there's a history of the video game. My brother actually bought a copy before Ellie sent me this but now, we each have our copies so when I move out, I don't have to try and steal his! I definitely recommend it to any Zelda fans out there, it's a must-have!

Uniqlo My Melody top

I have never heard of this store, Uniqlo, until I went to Asia last summer. I can't believe I went this long without knowing about it. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing store that has amazing t-shirts. They do a lot of collaborations with a lot of companies (Marvel, Sanrio, Formula 1 etc) so their t-shirts are always interesting. They had their stores everywhere in Asia. A friend from Japan bought me a My Melody t-shirt and when I saw that they were selling this one, it was immediately put onto my wishpot.

Even Alex thinks it's cute (mwahahaha, I think he's starting to get into kawaii things ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Sleeping Totoro plush

I can't tell you how badly I wanted this Totoro plush (it seems like I want everything badly). It looked so CUTE in the picture and for some reason, I kept putting off buying it. When my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I linked her this picture and you know what happened?


Good thing it was sold out, or else I would've gotten doubles of this cutie. Not that a double of it would've been a bad thing...

I was really impressed with how soft it is but a little disappointed that it's tinier than I expected. It fits into the palm of my hand.


Soaking up the sun

Birthday card from Ellie

Last but not least is Ellie's birthday card to me. The surface is a shinning silver and there's a mustachioed cupcake throwing confetti in the air. I love cupcakes, mustachioed or not.


When I open the card, an Italian tune is played and the voice of the (I'm assuming) mustached cupcake sings the text that's printed on the card. It's super adorable and I couldn't stop laughing. Ellie included a thoughtful and sweet message in the card.

Needless to say, Ellie's swap is AMAZING! I can honestly say that her swap has been the best swap I've ever received. I just hope she liked my swap as much as I loved her's. My next post will be about my swap to her.

MJ Oh Lola! Perfumes

As a gift to myself, I bought Marc Jacobs' Oh Lola Sunsheer perfume. I hadn't planned on buying this but I got $20 off if I bought the perfume that day because of some promotion or whatever so here it is!

Oh Lola! Sunsheer

It's apparently limited edition, which is always annoying because I find the best smelling perfumes are always limited edition. Way to force me to be super stingy with my perfumes.

Regular Oh Lola!

They also gave me a mini bottle of the regular Oh Lola! and about a gazillion other samples. I'm happy that they gave me a lot of MJ samples thought because I really like the different versions of Daisy and Dot. Not a fan of the Calvin Klein Euphoria and the Just Robert Cavalli. 


Family Picture! (minus my siblings)

Finally, here's a group photo of my family, sorry we all look like bums, it's our "house" clothes. We put much greater effort when we go out in public, I swear. My siblings aren't in the picture because my sister's in Alberta and my brother's the photographer. He doesn't like to be in pictures anyway. Oh, and Kami didn't want to be in the picture, she was off destroying another leather couch or something. I didn't make my weight loss goal (┳Д┳) but I did eat like a Queen for the past wee(⊙ヮ⊙).

I also apologize for being MIA for the past few weeks. My final is right around the corner (May 6-8th) and all I've been doing is working and studying. I probably won't make a post until the final is over and I'm sorry for not commenting on your blogs or replaying to my comments. I'm so sorry everyone! (シ_ _)シ

Also, a Happy belated Birthday to Ellie and Ariel who both share the same birthday as me!


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