Monday, April 01, 2013

april fools and packages of joy


Hahaha! How many of you believed my previous post? I hope none of you felt too bummed about my "announcement" and I didn't lose too many subscribers over that prank. So good news! I'm not going to delete my blog, even though I won't be posting nearly as much. Ok, now here's a real post (≧∇≦)/

I'm so sorry for disappearing for two weeks, I had a really important CMA assignment due on Friday so I spent all my free time working on that. But it's finished now so yay! I really hope I passed the assignment or else I'll have to pay a lot of money to re-write it. I even missed my friend's fashion show because of it (¬、¬)

A lot of goodies came in the mail for me about two weeks ago. It was definitely a good week.

Packages from two weeks ago

From right to left are 4 mamegoma bean bag plushies, Hershel handbag/weekender, Christmas 2012 Kiiroitori plush, 2013 Horoscope Rilakkuma Leo keychain plush, Crisis Moon necklace, 2013 Horoscope Rilakkuma Leo plush.

Hershel Logo

When I first saw this Hershel handbag, I HAD to have it. There was just something about it that really attracted me to it. I know lately people have been sporting Hershel school bags and I don't know what's so special about them, they just look like regular school bags. But this handbag is really cute.

It looks a little sport and it seems like it'd be a great bag for the summer. It's pretty light too.

Zipper Details

The detailing on the bag is amazing. It says "Herschel" on the zipper and the zipper itself is really smooth so you can easily open or close your bag (nothing is more annoying than a hard to open/close zipper).


It even has an extension, in case you want to put more stuff in your bag. Its size can be easily adjusted by buttoning or unbuttoning the side. The bottoms are strong but not impossible to do. On each button, it says, "The Finest Quality."

Inside Lining

The inside lining is a vertically stripped pattern. There's a small tag that says, "Welcome to Hershel." The bag also comes with a 1 year warranty, which is pretty sweet. The only thing I don't like about this bag is that it doesn't have any inside pockets. There is a pretty big outside pocket (where I slipped baby Rilakkuma and the necklace) though. I carry a lot of stuff in my bags so I like to have at least one inside compartment to put items that I'll need immediately without spending hours riffling through my bag and then getting extremely irritated and hating my beloved handbags.

Reindeer Kiiroitori

I was so thrilled to finally receive this! I had been waiting for a month for it to arrive in the mail! I had wanted to get this when it was released last year but never really made the effort to try and get one. By the time I actually really really wanted one, it was hard to find and sellers would sell it for an arm and leg.

Luckily, the lovely Ariel offered to get it for me since there was a shop nearby that still sold it. Talk about coincidence! This was back in February.

After taking a really long tour of the US and Canada, Kiiroitori finally showed up during a big snowstorm (yes, we had a huge snowstorm on March 19th, the day he arrived). His arrival was even awesomer because I totally didn't expect him to arrive!


He's soooo soft! Who cares if Christmas was over 3 months ago? He's super adorable and I love the details that come with this plush. I admit that the little cotton tail confuses me though...reindeers don't have cotton ball tails and neither do chicks....MAYBE HE'S A HYBRID REINDEER, CHICK AND RABBIT!?

The tag says Merry Xmas! Plus, Kiiroitori is totally sporting an adorable little purse of himself with a Christmas hat. Now do you understand why I've want this plush so bad?

Adorable little tag

Thank you so much Ariel for helping me find this  \(*T▽T*)/! You're the best! I've actually been bringing him to work with me every day since he arrived. Now I'm a little paranoid that he won't be so soft anymore.

Rilakkuma Leo Horoscope Plushes

There was a big hype about the Rilakkuma Horoscope series. I mean, there's a Rilakkuma plush for each horoscope in two different sizes each! So if you want the whole collection, you're looking at 24 plushes and a lot of money.

The Leo was the cutest one to me and it definitely caught my attention but I wasn't sure for the longest time whether I should've gotten one or not. I have a serious plush addiction and I haven't been keeping myself in check for the past 2 years so it's really piling up (hence why my shop has so many plushies for sale), did I really need another plush? 

The answer is no. But when all my fellow kawaii bloggers started posting pictures of their adorable horoscope Rilakkuma plushes, my want for this plush increased each time I read about it.

In the end, I bought them.

Close Up

They're sooooo soft! I'm always amazed at how soft San-x's plushes are. I mean, seriously, they don't skimp on the details or anything. I guess that's a reason why they're so expensive. 

Both Rilakkuma Leo plushes are the horoscope symbol on their leg and the large plush has a necklace with the letter "R" on it (for Richelle, obviously. We were totally meant to be).

The tag is so adorable and it even has Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori dressed as a lion too. Omg, I'd totally buy the Leo Kirroitori, he looks so furry! Unfortunately, they only have Rilakkuma for this series. 

Back View

As you can see, they're both pretty identical except for the fact that the plush has the R necklace and the keychain plush has the R necklace attached to its chain. I was thinking of putting the keychain plush to my Hershel bag but it's not going to be super soft anymore...what do you think? Should I?  (^~^;)ゞ

Mamegoma Bean Bag Plushes

These bean bag plushes are part of the new mamegoma design and collection, which I posted about here. I hadn't planned on getting them but I saw them and...yeah.

I'm actually planning on selling them in my shop. I only wanted the pink one but it was a lot sale. Now I'm debating whether I should keep the white one too. UGH! DAMN YOU LOT SALE!


Aww, isn't she cute? I've decided that it's a she's pink and I'm old fashioned like that. She's so cheerful looking and sweet....and soooooooft.

They're actually pretty small, the whole plush fits into the palm of her hand. But they're the perfect carrying-around size. 

Its belly is really soft as well. I thought at first that it was a monitor cleaner or something but it's just the way they were made. 

Each mamegoma's tag is different. The mamegoma's colour changes depending on which colour the plush is and the background is as well. The pink stripes are yellow for the yellow plush.

Moon Crisis Necklace

Last but not least is my also highly anticipated Moon Crisis necklace. I had been wanting this FOREVER but it's always sold out! LIKE FOR THE PAST YEAR! I finally was able to get this because they had a massive restocking. It's made by Kuma Crafts and they have awesome and beautiful necklaces for a really good price! I have a bunch of other necklaces from them and they're all beautifully made.

The necklace is inspired by Sailor Moon and I'll admit that I don't really know from which series it's from. I used to watch a lot of Sailor Moon when I was younger but I never really continued as I got older. 

Pom Pom Purin modelling my necklace

I had Pom Pom Purin model my necklace. Looks good on him huh? He's a little embarrassed though. I told him I wasn't going to show anyone else...(sssssshhhh!)


The back of all their necklaces are engraved with the name and logo of the company, Kuma Crafts! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I hope my prank didn't make anyone feel too bad, that wasn't my intention. I normally don't do pranks but I decided to change things a bit this year. I also hope everyone had a great Easter!