Monday, April 15, 2013

new sumikkogurashi collection

I'm super excited to let everyone know that San-x has decided to make another line of Sumikko Gurashi goods! I love this group of silly characters and I would even say that it's one of my favourite San-x character designs. I just hope that they'll continue making more goods for these characters, maybe they'll even be as popular as Rilakkuma (good for me but bad for my wallet)!

This collection is already available for sale in Japan, I'm just slow with posting this news.

Small Memo Pads

Like with most of their collections, they have small memo pads. I find the designs extremely adorable and I will definitely be getting these! The second one is especially funny because the Penguin/Kappa is holding what looks like an ice cream cone but it's actually the itty bitty tapiocas piled on top of each other.

Sticky Notes & Tabs

I don't know about you but I love sticky notes (Post-its as it's commonly known). It's amazing how such a simple idea can revolutionize your office/school work. When I first started my new job, I didn't have any office supplies and one of the items I must must have is sticky notes, everything pretty much comes second. Now, I have about 8 sticky note pads and I practically finished one stack (I only received them 2 weeks ago).

Since these are so cute, they're going on my wishlist too! The only thing better than Post-its are kawaii Post-its!

I usually don't use pencils and I don't like the fact that the more you use your pencil, the more you have to get rid of the cute designs on it. So this won't be on my wishlist.

Index Folder & Clear Folders

I'm super organized and to achieve that, I definitely need folders, tons of folders. I already have a lot of kawaii clear folders (like the two on the right) but since you can't put too many papers into those folders (because it's sealed at the bottom so the sealing will rip if you have too many papers), you need quite a lot of them.

I'm also a fan of them because they're so light and easy to store. Because they're made of plastic and so thin, I can slip them in between books even if my shelf is really full. Needless to say, I'm getting all these folders. As for the the indexed one, you can be even more organized, a neat freak's dream come true.

Large Memos & Notepads

The two large memos have the same design of two of the small memos. It's really cute and I'm tempted to get it but I probably won't. But the large memos will probably include stickers....

The notebooks I'm tempted as well but it's not a huge deal if I don't pick them up. They have the same design as the clear folders and I don't really like using flip-up notebooks.

Stickers & Lettersets

Stickers are most likely a yes! I can stick them all over my journal and agendas to make it all kawaii and interesting. But no for the lettersets since I don't use them and they'll just sit there's too cute to be used...even though they're stationary and are meant to be used (logic of a kawaii lover).

Scented Erasers

Definite no. I don't use pencils so why would I need this, as kawaii as it is. I think it's orange scented too. Yummy erasers. But the designs are uber cute!


I'm really surprised that San-x came out with pillows for this collection since I don't think they usually do. But they look extremely comfortable to take an impromtu snooze on, look at how comfy that lady looks in the picture. For some reason, I envisioned her just slamming her head down onto the pillow.

As kawaii as these pillows are, they're not on my wishlist. Most likely, I'd use it to cushion my back during my long study hours but Kami would probably steal it when I'm not looking and rip it apart (like what she did to my last back pillow, my poor piggy back pillow, cushioning my back since 2011 T___________________T)

Pouches & Cases

I looooooooove this design for the pouches and cases! It looks very minimalistic (as weird as it sounds, since there's like a million of the Sumikko crew all over the place). I really really really really want the ID pass! It even has an elastic clasp so you can extend it when you're taking public transit (which is what I'm planning to use it for).

I also love the pencil case but I have about a million of them so I probably won't get it. But knowing me, I could change my mind on a whim so it'll be a mystery.

Cellphone Stand

I think this cellphone stand is really adorable! It really matches with the whole collection since they have a few items with the design of them all on top of each other on the couch. I think the stand even has the tapioca buddies, maybe under the couch? I would get this but I don't put my cellphone on a stand ever, I just let it sit on my desk so getting this would be pointless. I'm also guessing it might be pretty big.

Plush Straps

Yes, the best part, PLUSHES! All these plush straps are AMAZING! I love them all, and I find it hilarious that they made one of the bag that the Polar Bear carries! They're all coming home with me, mwahahahahaha!

What do you think of this line? Anything to be added on your wishlist?

All images taken from the official San-x website.


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